Progress With Unity Podcast

PWU Latics Podcast - Hanging On

April 26, 2017
Progress With Unity Podcast
PWU Latics Podcast - Hanging On
Progress With Unity Podcast
PWU Latics Podcast - Hanging On
Apr 26, 2017
Progress With Unity
Show Notes
This week we are joined in the studio by Wigan Evening Post Latics correspondent Paul Kendrick.

Yes we do fire questions at Paul, best press box food, that tweet – ha ha ha I still can't stop laughing, the seasons woes, asking difficult questions and the $1m one, who is the new manager?

We take a look back at the Cardiff game, it summed the season up in 90 minutes.

Youth players new contracts and releases.

There is a 'Legends' game to look forward to, oh and a trip to Reading on Saturday, party anyone?

0:00 Chucklevision intros with bonus bin complaints
3:00 Cardiff review with bonus Statman super rant!
8:00 Intermission: A Critical Review with bonus striker gripes
14:00 More Cardiff chatter with bonus King Joyce praise
17:00 Paul Kendrick QnA: Players afraid of being flogged off? Barra' moving 'upstairs'?
22:00 ...Which club serves the best press room food? With bonus pie ramble (of course)
24:00 ...WISH FM news: Ed Jones saves the day! With bonus Grant Holt jibes
27:00 ...Paul's greatest ever Tweet & who would you like Latics to sign?
33:00 Youth players released & equal rights contracts
36:00 Not-at-all-token Reading preview with bonus FA Cup 2013 references
42:00 Joseph's Goal Legends game: Jesus is a Wiganer again!
45:00 More Paul Kendrick QnA: Best and worst person you've interviewed?
48:00 ...Asking the difficult questions & defending against keyboard warriors
53:00 Shameless plug: All Gone Latics zine on sale vs Leeds & at the Legends game