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Progress With Unity Podcast
PWU Latics Podcast - We're On Our Way To Villa (& Rotherham)
August 08, 2018 Progress With Unity
Progress With Unity Podcast

PWU Latics Podcast - We're On Our Way To Villa (& Rotherham)

August 08, 2018

Progress With Unity

Great way to start the new season.

We recap a fantastic game of football against Sheffield Wednesday, five goals, loads of goal mouth action and a red card to boot.

The transfer window is getting ready to shut, we have the latest rumours.

Listeners Q&A.

Villa preview with Villa fan Jules Keane, 'ref watch' and tics predicts.

Rotherham in the Caraboa cup on Tuesday, a quick preview and a discussion about the importance of this particular competition.

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Great way to start the new season.

We recap a fantastic game of football against Sheffield Wednesday, five goals, loads of goal mouth action and a red card to boot.

The transfer window is getting ready to shut, we have the latest rumours.

Listeners Q&A.

Villa preview with Villa fan Jules Keane, 'ref watch' and tics predicts.

Rotherham in the Caraboa cup on Tuesday, a quick preview and a discussion about the importance of this particular competition.

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:00Great start. So the campaign, wonderful game of football on Saturday, getting those wants to reflect on this evening. A little bit of activity on the transfer from incomings and possible outgoings as well to games. Preview. Let's just q and a and a bit more on this week's progress with unity bulk.

Speaker 2:0:26The

Speaker 1:0:34well are you doing? I'm doing fine. Thank you. Greg. APPS. I reached out to the season. It it's stage and uh, you know, these are the first steps of the new seasons or just give us Florida. They have, I think the class interesting.

Speaker 3:0:57Aiden fellows, the stats from that game. The first game of the season we can sheffield, Wednesday possession 47 percent to wigan and 53 percent sheffield, Wednesday attempts to manage 21 attempts. Sheffield, Wednesday, eight. Alternate politics had 10 attempts on target for to Sheffield. Wednesday ball teams had three governors, both teams committed. 12 falls. We can go one yellow card, Sheffield got five, we can got more reds shifted. We've got one red, we've got three girls. Sheffield got to tracking year.

Speaker 1:1:35It was, it was an attendance reporting thousand, 207 as well, which is a marked improvement on last season and yeah, well firstly sokolow the sending off big dave was sending it off. For me it was a straight read because if you look at it again, I've watched the replay a couple of times and I thought at the time while he did he punched punch kid Ray. Cedric says Cedric, cedric in the back of the end. It should have been. Should have never been sent off. How you shouldn't just be.

Speaker 4:2:20It's funny though because last week was saying that it's a big day. Could be a bit of a nuisance, continually been there awhile and say resort has been like a bit of a bit later as well. That Nicky Scott telling 12 and they had their last season, the obviously Kevin Kelly on that phone and then either it was a tough play through. I'm the that I bought I think is again when Tom, we've got to grips with them a lot more. Moving onto our, our positives. Where were those debits in the back for that? We had on Saturday and three of them brand new players because we see the tape. All right. Okay. But what secret joined them? Friday? Robinson joined. Was it Thursday, Friday, Friday, and James, Adam in there. It may be professional baby to jell very, very quick.

Speaker 1:3:18Not only that, we the age of the entire back for, I mean usually in a bag for you have a seasoned pro touching somebody in his mid to late twenties. Uh, somebody else who's been to late 20 on Saturday and perhaps are younger and getting some experience. Do you think she had an uncle who was the oldest player in what? I will do 24, 25, 25. And the young goalkeeper and yeah. Well 21 year old wallpaper. I'm an 18 year old, a 20 year old with a 21 year old center back and she had on

Speaker 4:3:54nothing. She ain't old blood then they happen. I think the whole team, I think certain members of the table to eat it on a Saturday about the performance of the 11 players on the pitch and you couldn't fault one were assaulted you. I thought they were all. Yeah, I thought that was fantastic. Yeah, it was brilliant. Some critics we've had well does it because he took the job every single game he plays, he puts the effort in. I agree. I'm not going against your shouldn't, but what a score. That's possibly the difference.

Speaker 1:4:37Well, Jake was missed dot. Well you can't. You can't expect someone to score for a rebound off the bat because you'll be looking at that thinking, oh my God, it's going to be a goal. It comes through quickly. It's like, yeah, you can't play very well. He reached out defendant defensively as well. You know, it's when he's off the ball, he forces them to play whichever benefits teams have. If go, why'd you position him? So I followed super rich pace was quite attitude as well. Worth it because sometimes it is not seen as quick, but it was very good

Speaker 4:5:12direct Saturday and it was very quick as well. The only thing that disappointed me was the fact we can see conceded. Yeah. Score five. Because the forms. If that was your first game, you know, I'm thinking, let's go and watch this and see what it's what it's all about. He'd be hoped when you. Because I thought it was a very entertaining. Again, brilliant. From kickoff. We took the game straight, Sheffield, Wednesday, play good football, goodbye. Goodbye to the, to the nightmare that we had under and George will be fractured activity, breaking a sweat. So I'll go somewhere and then looked at the differences in incompressible those questions when they're like, would poke at bell to step up to this level at this level before we're the team with a lot of those players have played a league one, you know, didn't necessarily doing the championship

Speaker 5:5:58last time what we're playing as a team and that is the most important thing. He can have a group of players, you know, you have a few world world class place, but I think if you're not playing as a team, you're not going to get the end results that you want. They're all playing for each other and that's, that's the main thing. You could see that on Saturday,

Speaker 6:6:14isn't it? He's a very experienced manager though, isn't it? I mean if you look at like last time we had Warren Gis, how many games he managed as a first time manager? Gary? Well, it was only in his second full season. This is an experience manager. He knows the game very well. He's just stepping up a level and to me it's a natural step up for him because I think he's. He's one of the bright young his fifties, but still it's still relatively young in managerial terms and I think he's. He's already showing that is rising to the rising to the challenge

Speaker 1:6:47recently. A very good manager as well as me because he said you brought that team ethic in the players. It's all for one, one for all.

Speaker 5:6:55Well that's. And you look at some of the personalities of them that you've seen the press and you hear about your lights down. Gibson. Come on Nick Powell, you know you've got labs and to keep them, not necessarily the straight and narrow, but keep them go in and keeping them engaged and what the outcome is going to be and getting them on the picture on a Saturday. I mean look at Gibson partway who's our approach with unity model, a match on a Saturday and a fantastic game and I spoke to someone from this way to them problems here, so

Speaker 7:7:32certainly manage power, but then any of the managers and he'd been at for a few clubs. He's the only well along with maybe Rosslare and coil briefly, but the person who's got the best out of Nick Powell and fact that nick actually wants to stare out of the mood to permanently stay there if we need to know as an intern here. So

Speaker 5:7:51I can't see. See now, think how a lot of things that Paul did, but I know he had

Speaker 1:7:57gambled a great goal because it didn't sound good right when Jacob Sharp, he was soon as it left Jericho's for. Again, if you watched the replay, you can see sprints because he just in case the ball, this is what I'm getting to on his left foot as well as in the past.

Speaker 5:8:13Powell has been our main, you know, everything through him. We got the players now they're stepping up or come in and assist in power to give him maybe a bit more freedom, a bit more chances to live it on Saturday and it takes that. I'd be interested to see how we play against um, you know, the top team because once you got them quick, quick succession we got, you know, interest interests, play against them and how we go them away from home is the same mentality.

Speaker 1:8:41I think we're pursuing what Susan wants to 16 away games. It's the second highest ever in the football league. So in 16 games away from one and one season a unrequired it's we want by playing the same way.

Speaker 6:8:57What else? Cheaper dealt with. We went out. We were not cavalier is it? No, we've got, we've got holding players of the way you said in there. It's just the fact that they, you know, this day and age, if you've got full box, we've got a better pace. Let them go forward, let them go, let them go past the wings.

Speaker 1:9:14I mean, we've got to mention Jeff, follow him into violent weather band as well. Done. That's just been book can play football. Taught me that in Australia. I mean it depends. A lot of progress. His career didn't say, yeah, you had that chance to go back and here it picks us to progress his career. I mean, the first thing everybody just went, oh my goodness, looks at it and go build it for the. Was that the first goal? As quickly as young they bought me, it was just quickly, giant capital. Very, very quickly. He was. He was. He just stood out. So she really will deliver really their products.

Speaker 6:10:04What I it say on that side as well, if you think about it, I'm not going to criticize you in any way. Last season reached gems and elder, but they have nowhere near the pace. You couldn't ever see them knocking the ball past. It was limited to a decent, decent footballers, but they were never gonna, not the ballparks and run and get to that get to that line, so to me it will also help Jacobs on that side as well because what did you do? What'd you do as a fullback? Particularly if you've got a luxury winger. What'd you do as a fullback? You got to engage the player is running at you or do you go for the wing? It's Greg Jacobs and a little bit more more space.

Speaker 1:10:41What was one of the best games? I've seen him play? It was called two golden could've always been safe.

Speaker 6:10:49Certain it's the best game is played at this level, isn't it a championship level? I think he was absolutely fantastic. I think that's what Dan was saying about massive word, superb jacket played probably very similar body

Speaker 5:11:02product and I was not expecting that from last Sunday when we played. It ranges to before the contrast. I mean I don't think the first staff that ranger played very well and we contain them, but I wasn't expecting such a high intensity. Ferocious kind of let's, let's try and

Speaker 1:11:26friendly, friendly for a purpose and it's just to get the atmosphere around the ground though. Everyone

Speaker 5:11:33posing

Speaker 1:11:35on Sunday or on Saturday. So, uh, but yeah, three points in their life now instead. Yes. Race, recent professional David, a big strong. Again, he a little bit of solid, solid, very solid.

Speaker 6:11:59I'd probably follow it for my end of the season in the championship last week and I just want to leave, but we'll say it's mine score. So cedric had a decent, decent game.

Speaker 1:12:12Mr from the whole bull. He's only been in Wigan. Well I was at that point 21 years of age, the size of staff that by statute, not, not like he's a monster.

Speaker 6:12:26She is as well intended as an outhouse. And then I think he was, he was good on the cover, wasn't a few times he came across to me and I think that's what you get when you defense has not played together. You're going to get moments where they're going to be the old gap because you're getting used to each other. But the good thing about it is they were all willing to, if there was an error, the next player would be the cover. And I thought that they did that superbly on, on Saturday for a

Speaker 1:12:52Kevin, the rest of his mates, Sheffield. That was a long, long season. When he came on, he took it. Well then again three one because that goal is a good score and where you want more. And that's the difference. We get goals scored against us. You look at you could attain. They've got a lot of quality players. It's that same shadow. Whereas these Germans treated, I say that we were going to put a bid in front of the place apparently for a long. Is it a long during the funds for him it was like, oh well I mean they want to play on loan from us. It was kind of a point. It was amazing.

Speaker 6:13:35Oh No. Okay. So they've got this Catalini two last week that they've got to get players to meet the FFP of obligations so that he follows. Even if they send foresty area on the floor on the long deal for a year, you have to do that to get. And there's, there's other, anything that's a sellable asset,

Speaker 1:14:01Joe?

Speaker 6:14:01Yeah, from Saturday, believe look, Gary, who when he called, you know the Gulf that you started playing a different way or not. You

Speaker 1:14:12wait, we've got to strike calls. Got To strike, but you don't get big Dave in as a different option. We'll get it. Plus we get good because for instance, the introduced last week and do a terrific work for a first gear that doesn't happen enough

Speaker 6:14:37the full day because. And you could, you could have put them all fact,

Speaker 1:14:43which uh, uh, Adam, the master, we ran a Paul do Saturday. It very, very close to at salt and it's literally come down to points of a percent on twitter was on twitter. Yes. All following us

Speaker 5:14:59at Pew podcast. I'm the top. So you came down to Darren Gibson. I'm Michael Jacobs. Both. Lots up around 35 percent, but it was, it was Darren Gibson who just came away as much as voted by you. The listeners

Speaker 1:15:19with both, my personal choice was was Michael Jacobs for two girls. I thought he was accidentally bought A. Gibson was very, very good.

Speaker 5:15:28Robinson and Massey also featured in our enough for selected for a man of the match, so it will be over in that sense

Speaker 1:15:36for every game. Excellent. Excellent stuff. Shall we move on? Yeah. Let's talk about that game for like five hours so long season all instead of the top six. Let's just carry on that way. Second we'd run the. It shows you what a we can do. We draw from second to fifth cocktail. Never played or we watch the kid who's come in a jetta I came in as well. Who knows yet? I birthdays. Birthdays. Yes. It's a, it's anthony. Tony Robinson's birthday today isn't it? Is so happy birthday to uh, answer the Gli Robinson and also 21 to 21. Also Garrett Storm Jacob is 21 today as well, which happy birthday. You give them a president as well. Take cash. Cash. Yeah. Birthday party and having a sprint.

Speaker 1:16:54Pat Robinson and I believe you should have. If there was somebody Gareth as well, part of it was supposedly going to Sarah column once already for Levitan, each supposedly coming through today and he shows up with myself September as well. Gareth. No as well. So what do we make them in report repeatedly? A million pounds or it could be a fee rather than a job. A very popular. It seem very popular where it was previously. Most people. Well wishing, which is always a good sign, isn't it? The counter competition places there isn't there. Between the three of them, I'm still going put bruce and I know he

Speaker 6:17:50won't do it your way, but probably not all season. Boise, if you had to throw him in either their sheets and she was last season and he's obviously a problem. That probably helps the younger players as well.

Speaker 1:18:03Cedric were talking about before we got distracted. I remember before the court final in Scotland, mobile, well did the feature on. I can't remember if it was sky or the BBC about him and the two team render render past shopping bags of carrots and they did some other stuff. It then an absolute character and I remembered him from, from, from Babylon, and I can see why it's so popular because it connects with the fans. Well, it's another addition to the club on that score. I think a good addition.

Speaker 6:18:33Is He. Is he already an internationalization?

Speaker 1:18:35Sierra Leone? Yeah, but he was born in Africa but both in Africa and she gets confused is actually French, so we're saying we have to get down the muffling mom making, getting down there and then if it comes off serially or all of the average cost, it doesn't matter because it'll be boots on those on pies.

Speaker 6:19:03Nice and fried it. Listening to the podcast. We have international breaks off this year anyway, so we don't need to worry about canceling fixtures.

Speaker 1:19:12So really good point a color we're talking about what do we make that up? Families transformed into a midfielder common player contracts which fancy but over 30 games in central midfield. So yeah.

Speaker 6:19:24Interesting to see what effects if that's the case,

Speaker 1:19:29Russians, whether Nathan might be going Mcdonald, so hopefully to stay in but not really have much vote him a few weeks injured. Apparently, but Paul is going to be back for the Bristol city games, so it seemed like the other bit of an introvert to be up for that way. So yeah. Um, I think it would probably have to see someone leaving probably.

Speaker 6:19:55I think he's quite a few games also life back I think as well. No. Yeah. You played fullback froze when he was both fallbacks for us when he was

Speaker 1:20:03left back foot. No, I played for the England under 21 team who's playing for.

Speaker 6:20:09Yeah. Just wondering when they come to us, there was a kind of a utility player. Have a number of positions. Yeah. I mean it seems, uh, is it one of these that certain Joel royals trying to

Speaker 1:20:23bringing on loan from habits in, you know, subject to a permanence as well. Once I finances sorted out one week he gets things. Yeah.

Speaker 6:20:38These probably tilt. If you play whatever games you just studied, I'd only applies for it. So it's probably, it's probably racked up 50 championship games now. As I said, really?

Speaker 1:20:48He said whole bread, if we can get it out. He was one of the promising things and not seeing clear camping last season, two goals. And to be honest, he filled the position that we needed to fill in. He was, I couldn't really fault him for an agent. It's not easy coming into a team who's under 23 team. I think a good sign in, a good place to throw in there and again, if we need it. Uh, we've also been working with a move for move when jaw the grave. Yeah. It was recorded live at the game on Saturday, November 25th

Speaker 4:21:33different people that I don't know. It was a WHO's who. It was like a gallery of the. Yeah. And there was a decent player. Henry Chang. Yeah, one lie now online. Online with us. So it's, yeah,

Speaker 1:21:57to, to the uh, the new was in a minute. It's always less today. Adam on the Swedish club. The sons fk didn't get that link with them or put them on it when he was at. Yeah, I think he. Did they play quite a prominent in Europe or north and got freshmen football team or was it now in Sweden or the qualifier for you? Well, the roles through the Davidians quickly wrapped the top and then kind of challenging the title. So you the with them before a reverse or Israel. John Mustard, mustard oil. He went to Finland. I was listening on the lottery. It's official. I think we've sent a couple of stops to suits as well in the previous slide. Yeah. Going back to in reverse offer completely pristine football. Also the reports it to burn as well. 3 million from, from Brighton and Hove Albion. A bit of inside Info obviously from the and side, but now, now from further afield, that's our sign. Says Yeah. And a biochemistry with her on Saturday. Him as well.

Speaker 4:23:36Didn't realize big John was in a trust. The plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic asset.

Speaker 1:23:45My books.

Speaker 5:23:47So we can just. I made got fruits. Uh, is it 5:00 tomorrow or Thursday? Feels insist on Friday without any. Too many big names, uh, leaving

Speaker 1:23:59because people can check them alone. We can't yet, but are we going to send someone like dumb burn out on loan? You can do it with a future guaranteed by it. So you still have an inset. Yeah. It's not really compares 3 million pounds for a loan balance of code in January. I mean these things in the. That's all pictures and stuff and then really well we're all the big place to stay and done burn. One of the biggest keys is filled with practical and keep the car there so everyone was fine. Not Wine.

Speaker 5:24:39It's gone quiet on the a player and they Paddington. Was it essential bit of cash coming in if it's. If it comes to fruition, I don't know. West from above the bed turned down for gems from ranges, so that could be a bit of money for us in the big circle of transfer wheeler dealer. Yeah,

Speaker 1:24:58it's a nice slower. I think range, as I said, $3 million. Which leg did. They weren't carrying a thing called captain. That's what has been made. I think that's take a bit more than that. So in not away from my box so I could have forced the drafts. Henry Chang was faulty. Data are reported like and retain. What's it got to the game on Saturday? Um, we compare two pictures that will get the picture from the student and then a good old wikipedia picture as well, the same person. And also I was talking to some people who've done hospitality on Sunday. I was talking to him on Sunday. There's of the hospital and they said because he had seen Henry Chang and the other four of the kids at the photographs taken with him, get some scarves around their necks, the Chinese, but suddenly said, do masters. Come over, watch when we get play perfectly for the first. So drawing and torture them saying Francine was one of the islands. Many friends, isn't it? Don't look good in that way. She'll be going to a head anytime. Nationalism sort of. You mentioned there about the season Paul side. We ran another poll on

Speaker 5:26:28Kevin Dusky. Yes. The goal music is bark. Tom Halk anymore. Is it? It's the clones is this girl. And um, we just did a simple straight goal, yes or no.

Speaker 1:26:45And I'm number Ms. Dot Lee. You're going to live a sweaty? Yes.

Speaker 1:26:51Oh, what's this mostly gs for the goal music? Or are you done? Yes. No. When I said, you know, lead, you said yes. Yes, yes. Uh, I was clear that our listeners are in favor of gold music. Yeah. It was usually $5 million score to go and make it a five one. Does he get pled that well? Well, how old are you? Yeah, yeah, keep me in the league that longer. It could do. Or when you colleague told you can have a positive goal. Music is if, if a thing gets beat is another thing, they can move that along with the mtcs can try go music, you know. But we still will waste. We don't do lots of owner after fs where we didn't do a pizza on Saturday.

Speaker 4:27:40Shots fired

Speaker 1:27:45again. Seems like this is all people be loving that comment. Put your arms like you're at. We've got the military, the greenbrier preview coming over. But before we do, have you got some questions? Students from our listeners, I know you've been tweeting and asking people to send in the question.

Speaker 4:28:07Yeah, I just. Three days. Wait, so three goes into the fall, so maybe two. You can up.

Speaker 1:28:17No,

Speaker 4:28:19I saw it last six asks thoughts on the current contract situations with many of our key players talking about small set, mostly Paolo Jacob's

Speaker 1:28:30story. Sally, sign onto dumb bird bird.

Speaker 4:28:34That contract's coming to an end. What's. What's your thoughts on what we should be doing or you know, what has made maybe out.

Speaker 3:28:45I wish you'd asked me this question before recently because it at all

Speaker 4:28:49eight.

Speaker 3:28:52I'm a man and I'm a political. Decides what every comes up a little bit as we've just seen these bots and new players in finance is fantastic, so we've got a great school, but we're talking about play as loud about that. We want to keep several. Lots of ball. Say and jacket, probably less or because Jacobs has been with us a few. Wild pebble is a set of a velocity, isn't it? So I suppose it's a financial decision really.

Speaker 4:29:27Yeah.

Speaker 1:29:28I'd like to add some more time to think about, well, if you don't really know. I think about being a guy with the new one is a check I was going to happen sometime in the next five. It seems to be dragging on. Let's go to a lot but in imminently and said surely play a dollar. Ambition is to is to get the club into the Premier League Shula. We've got pose a player that we should be keeping all off and as a salable asset that will. They'll won't matter as much because you know we're going off behind this so it can be more about bringing that. When we first turned over, turned up and he started to bring in the players that we only ever spending 50 grand on grand. Joseph was this money come from what a fantastic amount. We were dealing with the big boys here, so for me plays a pole and perhaps put him into that bracket that they could play in the premier league.

Speaker 1:30:29So go to the place that we should be 100 percent trying to keep all of and I be talking about, boy, if they're refusing this is, you know, I'm with you on this. Perhaps the refusing to sign a new deal because you want to keep your options open. Then we can't afford to lose $5 million on number 10 million on knit polo. No. So that's when the syllable assets become exactly what the air force defense pope from where we were, where rumor has it, we hadn't a lot of money to where we thought if this takeover comes him to be, if it comes into fruition and we got there and then the different circumstances. Yeah. I'm sorry. Okay. I don't think he. Sanmar. I don't think a top end championship club will come in for San Mateo at all. Think I'm still upset. They're upset with the seasons so well up there or a brand for them to do, shall we say or somebody at the top end of this championship. I don't think he's the type of player they will building to bring game. So I can't really see some more soon moving on. I think he'd stay with us because he's as much an opportunity. It goes to Carrie's therea fall as is. You would have with anybody else who could possibly take it. I don't know what they think about. I agree with that. I could kind of see where you're coming from. I think he is the captain for a start. So you know if you're a captain and copy you want to keep

Speaker 4:32:07as well. International law with us, and it must have been a lot of them, is not that we know how good he is, but he's not necessarily one of those. No, he doesn't get spotted around as a. The Sec, the sexy player, light light pole. That kind of where people doubling up on him.

Speaker 1:32:32A very disciplined player plays the role he does, gives the opportunity for the likes of. He's a coach, he's dreaming and dreaming and he plays. He plays the system as it should be. Balls most teams into our sandbox, a Standing Eddie and the team of rock steady player. You know, he's not. I don't think for me personally that I can't answer because then nobody's see a premier league club coming in from at this stage because it. So where's he going to go? That's going to further his career. He masters. I'll stop there. I'm not saying because we were the best they can get, but I think it'd be foolish to leave because he settled there and it's like Alex said, it's called captain and it must be on a decent work and when the moon comes in, obviously we'll offer that all got a pay rise ipds premier league. You about sick, you know that. That's what I'm thinking. Okay. We're gonna Dave. Well then again,

Speaker 5:33:37and this is the top half finished and realistic ame given the seasons millwall and chef united had and the quality within our dressing room.

Speaker 7:33:49No, I don't think top half finished. Anyway, on real estate. I mean I'd say I was called a look a better way than mill walls. Well seasoned and they literally just finished outside the playoffs. I mean, now I've got a game under our belt and we've got a taste of what this is called. Could be about, of course I. Why, why not in, for the playoffs because you know, I'm using chef united as an example of where the with them on the same kind of level. So I after Saturday I'd be very optimistic about season and hopefully if we can keep the key players, keep the team spirit together and keep this attacking football, why not the aim as high as possible?

Speaker 5:34:32The next one over to, uh, the older alum boats. I'm sure the rest of the panel wants to get involved at Steven Hayes. 90 four hate asks, what's your take on the takeover? Given no information from the board and no one seems to have any answers.

Speaker 7:34:49Have you announced this either?

Speaker 6:34:52I don't have a definitive like we've, we've already alluded to it, the seat and have a way. I think it's in the and a resident and I just think that's not what we're dealing with. Some clever minds at Wigan, you know, they know what they're doing. So let's just, let's just trust them and what will, what will be will be. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not worried about it. I certainly don't have the answers exactly. I can't say that it's going to happen tomorrow. I'm obviously going to happen three weeks on Tuesday, but I'm sure it's gonna. It's gonna happen eventually and this room is about what, what is, what is actually lay in it. I'd be surprised if he's a football league issue at this stage in my view, fit and proper person's issue and maybe, I don't know, I'm not an expert in sort of sort of Hong Kong kind of woodstock stock market rules or whatever, but I'm sure it is, is progressive and I'm not, I don't need to wear. It's not, it's not really derailed as in, in, in, in any way. Uh, I think arguably we had a better. Well, I think we definitely had a better summer in the market than we had last time and what will be will be what, so let's not, let's not worry about it. Put a smile on our face and uh,

Speaker 1:36:12enjoy yourself every too, because if we're going to support it. So it must be getting close.

Speaker 6:36:23Tough. It's happening, isn't, let's, let's, it's got it.

Speaker 1:36:26I was just don't disclose your contracts with science, so that's why there's no information coming out, but it's natural for fans to be inquisitive in it because it's exciting and people want to know. It's like waiting for Christmas in a way, isn't it? You know you want it to come, but it will revive eventually. I think the response to Steven Hayes is then when like you, when you know it's what will be, will be at this point that we can actually say in public. Yeah, five pretty well quickly. Yes, yes, yes. All right, thanks. I pushed away or they're coming up on Saturday. Villa villa away. And just a quick here. We'll do quick breath watch before we've got jewels to speak to our jewels. Jewels and yet keep chemo to is on the villa

Speaker 6:37:27friend of a friend of a friend of mine, Stuart Olson, big glass expands. So me a tip off that. He's a, he's a big villa. Found very knowledgeable, so it'd be fine. Yeah.

Speaker 1:37:37We're going to give him a ring in a minute, so just we'll just do a quick preview from our end and do the ref watch. So we've got a away on Saturday. The referee is Germany, Miss Simpson. It comes from fourth a is 27 games last season. Seventy four yellows and for reds a. That is chocolate on. True. That's not what he's doing at all. I don't know. You've appeared on air but he did a lot more than that and they issued 150 yellows and 11 a it twice last season. In fact it up. Sorry, I'm gonna. Start that again. Generally proper news they say to add Jeremy Sensor last season in the last two years I'm going to 60, 70 hours and 10 reds he refereed is twice last season and both were in the football league effect. Blackpool away when it went to the other penalties after a one.

Speaker 1:38:40One draw. Super Trooper Gamble and then Adam and Adam. Adam met a lot. Someone they're stumbling on a one to one an event and that was. Well, he was the referee for that. What a corporate, from what I remember of him, he wasn't too bad a bit of history with, with. He sent out a couple of run INS with Steve Paulson as well as it was last September seasonable last September since as a form of premier league fee. FIFA international assistance. We've been around the top flight, uh, it's part of the site to group of professional rash after rising through the refereeing ranks. He was competence level in 2012 and then finished out of the championship four seasons later. Last weekend he was in charge of the chef or the acid, just once a game which finished to, onto the swans in that much since twelfth. Three kids. Thanks a lot against the floor.

Speaker 1:39:50The third floor. So that's a. and he's in town that have singled card of either coworkers. Who are the team Joe. Ms Stimpson. So a awfully easy going, uh, you know, be similar. Soft of a similar sort of a free flow in on Saturday. I'm just looking at the previous. Gives them a got 20 to donate it. Does that sound that 20 to 22 times we won't? Five? I think I've ever been, apart from that first season Jamie Jones debut, apt for the potluck and very accomplished performance. We've drawn six and we've lost 11 anyway, and see what the crack is going to. I don't know who's going to give jewels.

Speaker 8:40:50Hello? Uh, we've got a Gel. Is Keen on here, a Aston Villa farm. So a high hills have. Yeah, we're great. Great. Thanks. Enjoy the weekend. Sunshine Yourself.

Speaker 9:41:02Wow. It's been raining down there all day today.

Speaker 8:41:07Yeah. Well you have to get up there on the twelfth of January from the weather. It will be a fantastic day and night for you. Yeah. So just gotta just gotTa get your perspective. Really. I'm kind of old things villa and obviously the uh, the big top of the table. Clash on the, on the, on Saturday. Uh, just as a starter. Hey, did you come to support Velo and how long have you been supporting them for?

Speaker 9:41:34I'm just over 30 years. I got into football quite late. It was just because of the 86 world cup. So good living. Grew on dot metadata. Know that my dad says it was just myself getting into it, so I think than was maybe four things, but I say I can go to when I started going and we got up to the first attempt that time, but time it's not looking good. That said time now down at

Speaker 8:42:05you said third season and what other kinds of the, you know, the, the whole for the season, what's the general kind of consensus amongst the, amongst the villa fans

Speaker 9:42:17now having this conversation two weeks ago, three weeks ago even was because we didn't know whether I'm Tony never ever going to have that and hone that administration. It just didn't know what you're saying. That may be a new cooking, like how would we still got issues that overhanging so it's really steep down that to a lot of that. But that's, that's a different issue altogether. David Keith in Greenwich because he was not. I mean, we still got a date to go into trance so we know a, a class and you know, quite a lot of new players coming in to have them goalkeepers when probably attorney giving one needed any new books by Joe Biden's coming from basically 15. I've got a baby coming in again from Monday night and unload and then I think he was looking at job again because just in case they're going to speak to go. But uh, we can find what I wanted was a nick Powell.

Speaker 1:43:27Yeah.

Speaker 9:43:32In watching the news that my new Plat, I think it's going to happen.

Speaker 1:43:44Twenty $5 million. He's been rejected because uh, he was probably still could go with $25 million came in. He sounds like he's quiet word with the, uh, with disposable. But if south to pull up a bit of a. is there been any reaction back in Birmingham to it?

Speaker 9:44:06Can you stays from a cynical point here? What? I think just tactics to get that extra few ready lady called last minute and not going anywhere, but I think it's a comeback even at 13 million. I'm pretty sure sell because it's like I said, and she fine or Qpi there because he comes from with him. If he told her the signaling that's 30 million straight off the bat, that just thinking a million and so now I think he'll go because, and I'm not just holding out for that extra day. And then I think that's why don't mean it could be wrong. I hope I'm wrong. I liked him to say, but um, I do know that I've met him a few times. I'm here to message him later on and so, you know, what's the story with a book and find out what's going on tomorrow. He said Don died tomorrow, isn't it?

Speaker 4:45:07Is he going to be the difference between you guys are successful season become like a mid table championship team or do you think you are enough within your squad? So your sales kickoff because he wants the game on Monday night. We played against whole, um, you know, you've got like Mohammed who scored the goal and it was a joy to watch. I'm on the night. They were playing some good football

Speaker 9:45:35and I'm still struggling to score goals, the situation, but my members might start playing on a burst in the gay person. We call him the boost, the boost in fat. And I've seen it because I think ego gets hurt.

Speaker 8:45:57So why does he do

Speaker 9:45:59Maya?

Speaker 8:46:03Is it partly because of the previous sort of Birmingham career or was it just

Speaker 9:46:12these tactics? I think that goes where we're not talking enough from sit back. I mean the rumbling on and on. If you watch that and go for it, I think that, um, you know, you can't sit back. And so the pressure and the fact and second our specs, we, we could've won that game. And uh, but then again against rules earlier in that season and we weren't that great, but as far as I'm second off, we went win and we ended up winning for one. I think he was, again, we did have our champion second off and just for them aligned and I really liked got tackle when Greenwich run by an arm would have been as one to go for defending from. And um, and Hogan adequate had a good chance to the three of one night time and the people would be in Cambridge, the sunshine and, but the questioning tactics and he's too old fashioned, more exciting for. But while I say get out for the championship and then maybe look around for new manager

Speaker 8:47:23couple of weeks ago when it was all going, any belief in the um, what would you have thought if Bruce had gone and he was appointed

Speaker 9:47:42Henri and that just to get rid of brexit? I think that might be on because the choir he was attacking. The guy wanted one thing gone. I'm a good kick when, uh, when he signed up personally may have anybody that crm besides forgetting for and for the personal got no experience. He's never played in the championship and manage the cookie for. And I will have a new manager last year he got the police you've managed before. Nando outputs, connections back and forth to your different thing. I, I really didn't want to. He kept very secret. Can you know she could get so saving but it depends on what happens in the next 24 hours if we take the shot. Right. But then could he be a bit before dive in my mind look, battery market, so kidney donor, but if we get all these players in tomorrow, I'm the gaming supposed to be a little hot prospects of Scotland. I mean maybe, maybe the new back and I new goalkeeper and if we can get started coming in as well I think has gone off the ball. I don't think he'd often anymore and how it was being used. And the cabin crew as well.

Speaker 8:49:14Obviously we are where we are. So as they will be what will be will be and then we move on. I guess we move onto Saturday when we're back onto the, the real business of the game. So how'd you, how'd you see that game going on Saturday then? First home game of the season.

Speaker 9:49:30I'd like to think that we should have enough to win the game but I mean waking up from that went on last week and they kept her website. I didn't see any because I had recorded the championship on channel. I'll finally come to quest, but I didn't know. I was expecting based on channel.

Speaker 1:49:54Oh,

Speaker 9:49:56so yeah, sorry I missed your goal was I just know the results three.

Speaker 1:50:01So we have 21 and that's the way we play these days.

Speaker 8:50:11Yeah, we're definitely not going to sit back like the last time we went to villa. We're going to get, we're going to give it a go as thing. So it should be in our view, should be

Speaker 1:50:20okay. And we've got a reasonable Miller park, especially in the premier league.

Speaker 9:50:27I remember being at a game, uh, might have been six, seven years ago. It was around Christmas time and we just been smashed 8 million. So now we can call my thoughts all. Look, we got a chance and then you smash this as well. Game. But you know, we'll break it. They thought it went into the store and then I filed. By the time you got bored as well. He's a great board so I think and get some time. It'll be a good sign in,

Speaker 6:51:15hopefully keeps up performance going through the season. Really

Speaker 1:51:19the referee, the referee on a bit of trouble with him last year, I believe the old game against Baltimore issue the right card, which seemed to upset quite a few people have only three. Remember that game

Speaker 9:51:35when it. When it's snowing and it shouldn't really. Is that guy?

Speaker 1:51:42No, it was the one in September.

Speaker 9:51:49Okay.

Speaker 1:51:50A little bit written down for.

Speaker 9:51:54I do.

Speaker 1:51:57Well we gave against him because he was in charge of that one as well. Not full cottage sits. Yeah.

Speaker 9:52:04Who's that? Y'All need to go to the championship last year. Like I said, the right side and the left the right side. They tend to us the captain just to take 20 minutes and just not seeing your termination steel that 10 yards. You totally tactics and just start filing in our hotel you guy.

Speaker 6:52:47We do and we always put it to the. To the opposition. Opposition funds as well. So what would be your predicted score for for Saturday?

Speaker 9:53:04Early in the season and still finding their feet. You must have 11 new scientists. Might be signed for, I think it will be the goal was again, I'd hope to think that we win and so I think it'd be like to go. We'll take three, three, three series though in our favor. Yeah. Brian says probably I'll be, I'll probably say three to us, but I'm just surprised you though. You know, he could easily come down until it's over. I just don't know. You know, so all the Spanish sell the squad but I haven't to mine and I can focus on Fridays to.

Speaker 8:53:54Okay.

Speaker 9:53:57Are you all coming down?

Speaker 8:53:59Unfortunately, no. I've been very disappointing

Speaker 1:54:05shopping trips.

Speaker 8:54:09Anyway. Thanks very much for that and cheers for coming. Okay. Thank bye. Bye.

Speaker 9:54:18No worries.

Speaker 1:54:23We can't believe that

Speaker 8:54:27that's why we went all that money and I'll put it in stocks when the

Speaker 1:54:30belting prediction. Yeah. Half is three to only predicts. Yes.

Speaker 8:54:41It's very interesting transfer window for them, isn't it?

Speaker 1:54:43Yeah. Disconcerting that John Mcgee, I mean recently we willing with a couple of years ago when it sounds like he's quite excited about him, so to be honest, I don't know a lot of those three of them play hope in Scotland I think for um, villa and they need to shift and assets quickly don't ffp maybe. Well it sounds when people listen to this, that's already been done, I think. Yeah, I agree with what Jill said that they're just trying to squeeze a few more quid in the position of officer both having used all. We do the same thing with bionic bid, so friendless nice winter to get a few more quid. So Gareth, anything?

Speaker 3:55:41Uh, I would like to think so. Yes, I would definitely like to see thing. So they started with a window as well, didn't they have one? A whole three? One on one. I've been last season reached the playoffs so it will be all for it. There'll be gone for three parts, but you play with that. We did last week. We'll be going three points should be again with black prediction. Yes please. I was, I was wrong last week. I thought we'd have a bottling draw and I was wrong. I was wrong. Really open this week and we're win to nil.

Speaker 1:56:19I think you're the only person who for the last six months. Yeah. Well

Speaker 4:56:24it was only one point gang by everyone else.

Speaker 1:56:27You still at?

Speaker 6:56:30Yeah, I think so. It's like it's going to be an entertaining gabbing. I think they, uh, they like to attack. I think they'll have to attack through at whole a massive game for the first game of the season, the way that we know really. So got to remember we're playing the top side here. Um, and if we get away with a lot saying get away, but if we, if we, if we attend a draw at villa, I think that's a fantastic result and I think we'll, we'll get that. But I think it'll be an entertaining that's been to two.

Speaker 7:57:09Well I agree with frank can appoint would be a fantastic result on Saturday. Those are obviously going to be a large card on, you know, going to be fired up after the opening day when. So yeah, I'm hoping for a warm one drawer, the good results takeaway and hopefully keep up our, hopefully it's a good performance and we show the same as talking to try and stay solid at the back, but it'd be great. Excellent. Uh, what do I think

Speaker 1:57:47Australia is very tricky into this stage of the season and not knowing, I think, uh, I can't seem to keep them clean sheets because the way this division sets out in the player on the where we were, I think every gay movement of been season is going to be an unsettling gainful goals and it's just which way with will it could go three, two, three, two, three. A piece to a piece, you know, it's definitely the thing that got a cast my line on the side of the positive with Gareth and I'm going to go for the last six to win by two goals to one.

Speaker 4:58:35Excellent. Right. So the only art sponsored by a brock's. Yes. Yes. Well I see this again in a minute. This is going to be some arguments. So lots of rocks below at a 10 to 11, 12 to five. And six or three to one when villa one nail six slash eight slash one to one, 15 to two, three nails, 16 to one of the draws nail. No. 17 to two, one, 1:11 to two, desmond art, 14 to one. We're going to weigh when one note, we can tend to one container William 22 to one and a two one away when 12 slash one I had before we started going round the table, roll down my prediction, which was too too maxing out. Uh, and I think, um, I think we will concede because, you know, even as we've discussed, but I do think we've got capable of scores. I'd love to replicate seasons, past rubber legs, scholar from almost the touch line. And you come away with a win. But yeah, uh, to, to anything, why that all matters. A massive bonus. So yeah. Um, and we've got a listener, he's tweeted in the prediction, uh, on the squat, arms width. He's gone for a one nail away when anything from Paul Thought No. Which needs need to a tweeting with the Hashtag for that as well. And acts illiterates.

Speaker 4:60:27I'm dyslexic.

Speaker 1:60:31We've got another game on Tuesday, a Caribou, so at this stage that you don't want it to go stick the reserves or what's going on, but we'll just, we'll just do a quick preview of that rather where piece of answers the referee we've played rather on 37 times during the years. We've won 26 and what's still having, um, we all do all killed place. Don't wear apart from,

Speaker 4:61:02but we did come back then.

Speaker 1:61:07That's a very difficult to it. Where this is going, is everybody really like, you know, concerned about this competition you really want to do. We want to go for it. We shouldn't get out of the way

Speaker 4:61:22scene in the season for me and me playing games like this. You don't mind January when you fight off season, you know whether about you all but you want to start welding in the league so you make changes. It's nothing game railer sometimes it's good to go sometimes to watch, see if some players that you might not get a chance to see a few last year then when good. But I think you've just got to go into the gear, not expecting much if you do want to go and watch what's the Max plain forest on a Saturday after you. You as well. Withdrawn from the vision and the team doesn't play like a Michael's little. I love wearing those type of lessons. I think for the funds ground you've not been to for awhile would have been great. But like I said, our team in our league ground that we've been to many a times in recently time

Speaker 6:62:20and it's going to be. It's obviously the third choice. The Best of my Paul Cook said last year, the way that he sort of, lots of them. So we know what to expect. If you go though and pay you money and say, oh, he's not playing a full strength to then you're a bit steep it on him

Speaker 1:62:38first. Judge Kahn Cook Competition. If we win as many games this season as we did last season and it will win the cup.

Speaker 6:62:47Yes. Because we enter at a life stage. Absolutely. Yeah. And that's obviously a second choice and competition season when they're fake open.

Speaker 1:62:58Yeah. Promotion blown incident with no fans, no funds and your music. Absolutely bring it on.

Speaker 6:63:13The last time, last time we did start with a winning this division we went onto get in the playoffs and $75.

Speaker 1:63:22No.

Speaker 6:63:23Yeah. So there we go. It's for the season now. So

Speaker 1:63:27Kim, I was substituting that again in a second. Now it is, yeah. Oh yeah. I mean I've seen before and I still find the World Cup soccer killed that off. Bought Saturday. I had a client told me when I walk up and I'm like wow, what saul was Saturday on match day and I'll just comments. You might agree or disagree with their program. A cover, you know, like you all could have been written safe. Couple more feedback. So it reminded me of back in the, I think it was the eighties, it was pen drop and uh, I think we are different players on the front or maybe Bobby Campbell and bobby. Bobby Campbell, zero top. I think it was similar placement programs the season because obviously the spines always made like a lot about shit and it doesn't look like it's going to pay the season unless the first one, which is blueberry, it builds up to something so it was a bit thinner as well, but he's still only three bone, which is good volume and we're still doing them. Get your program started. I can probably put it out because it's probably real bitch, but I'll say it was weird. I was willing to pay bills before the game and I said I'll meet you near wheel and statute near Dave. We'll in statute, and she was a bit when it sort of stood there quite a while. I became a photographer, the number of Sheffield Wednesday funds or passed or not

Speaker 4:65:20waiting for and stuff before the game was getting so stupid for quite a while. It was important. Wednesday came up to me and said, will you take to graft from the other statute? Get the dew it in the background as well. I took photographs for a picture so that the bridge, it was good. It's nice. A good banter with civil to roll. Wishing as well. There were a couple of key offices. Again, we'll give them the.

Speaker 1:65:54No, no, no.

Speaker 4:65:55On the part of the Fido. I just forgot it. Positive. Not The pitch was looking. Beautiful picture, you know that that's going to see Taylor style. You know that. That's gonna. That's gonna. Get as an extra 10 points to season. That pitch to the media and attitude. See my goal, get flashes when we score on Switzer was stopped pages that they've put out and you know the graphics. It's all going a bit more

Speaker 1:66:23professional. Well yeah, because you've got guys in the tall guys 12 as well and they're doing it with the Ras as well. I just want the best for the club and all the people will get a bit of statement and again it goes with the territory. That is it because you can't please everybody all the time. Well, the thing they do an absolutely fantastic job. Nick a jams, the rest of them all the Brilinta or engaging on the night of the funds, but the community's trust as well. One, I felt so sick job in, uh, I think it was very, very lucky. We've got a brilliant, brilliant stuff. Dress season ticket process. Oh, we've got a good scene where the cracking manager,

Speaker 4:67:05what can go wrong? Undergrad funds podcast. It's a free phone ticket number.

Speaker 1:67:14Oh, is it the last six? Brilliant. Like cracking liquid cooled a. hold on, let's drop it all. Good night.

Speaker 4:67:23The positive ticks.

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