Subscription Box Basics

Special episode: Bootcampers Tell All

February 25, 2022 Julie Ball
Subscription Box Basics
Special episode: Bootcampers Tell All
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In this week’s episode you are going to hear from the Subscription Box Bootcamp students about their experiences which can be very helpful especially to those who are thinking of starting their own Subscription Box Business.  So grab your pen and paper now and take down notes as they share their stories.


  • Sandra Burley of Self Care Sundays Box (1:38)
  • Katie Richardson of Year Cheer Box (2:31)
  • Latonya Williams of Renew Box (3:44)
  • Brittany Rhodes of Black Girl MATHgic (4:51)
  • Kate and Jess of Bunny Funbox (5:56)
  • Valeria Weber Williamson of Do a Shot of Yoga Box (7:12)
  • Leah B. of Mother Snacker (8:25)
  • Flavia Gabriel of The Fabulous Planner (9:13)
  • Jocelyn of Dog Mom Lifestyles (10:09)
  • Ashley Weinert of Counting our Heroes Home (11:00)
  • Duffy Betterton of The Ballroom Box (12:04)
  • Becky Launder of Modern Direct Seller Box (13:14)


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Julie (00:01):

So you wanna launch a subscription box, don't know where to start. Girl, you are in the right place. I'm Julie Ball, a subscription box coach, and your host here at subscription box basics, a podcast for new and aspiring subscription box entrepreneurs that want to avoid overwhelmed, grab a coffee, some pen and paper, and let's have some, Hey, and welcome back to the subscription box basics podcast. This episode is gonna be super fun. So buckle up. You're gonna hear from a handful of my subscription box bootcamp, students straight from them about their experience with bootcamp. And I thought it would be helpful for a lot of you who maybe on the fence to hear from someone other than me about what the experience is like. So I am going to pass the mic and you get to hear directly from some of my boot campers.

Sandra (00:56):

Hi, I'm Sandra Burley. Um, I own self-care Sunday's box a curator eco luxury at home spa experience. My target audience is women in their thirties and forties and subscription boot box bootcamp really helped me to get past, uh, the point where I was just at the idea, but I didn't know how to take it further than the idea. I thought, great idea. I really think this is gonna work. What do I do next? Um, and I was kind of stuck. I think Julie Ball uses the term, um, analysis paralysis or decision paralysis a lot. And that is why, what I experienced, uh, frequently. And as I went through the course, I thought, right, okay, they've done the research. I don't actually have to make all these decisions. I can choose this off. Or she's just said, this is the best one. And it just made it so much easier. So I really enjoyed being a member of subscription box boot.

Katie (01:52):

Hi, I'm Katie Richardson, founder of year cheer. We're a subscription box that helps busy families decorate connect and have fun for holidays throughout the year. I came to subscription box bootcamp last, last summer, when I just had the idea to F to launch your cheer. And I knew I wanted to launch a subscription box, but wasn't sure where to start. I had spent hours searching different resources online and just wanted someone to give me step by step instructions of how to make it happen. Even though I came to subscription box bootcamp with over 20 years of retail merchandising, experie at big companies like target gap, old Navy and under armor, I still found the tools and trainings that Julie provided extremely helpful in helping me break into this niche, um, market and do it efficiently while I was still, while I'm still at my corporate job. Things that I really love was Julie gave really specific tools and templates that I still use. I'm running my business today, as well as the supportive community that are, have your back and are cheering for you every step of the way. So I can't recommend subscription box bootcamp enough. Even if you have experience in retail or a different niche, it's still a great, um, solution for those who wanna break into this market and do so really efficiently. Thanks a lot.

Latonya (03:05):

Hi, I'm Latonya Williams, founder of renew box. We help women prioritize holistic self care through a seasonal subscription of wellness products and activity recommendations while a love Manny's and pets. Sometimes self cares about the hard stuff, creating a budget, healing, old wounds, or seeing a physician and our products and activity guides help you with the wide spectrum of self care, the Zen relaxing moments and those activities that feel tough but will serve you well. Overall, I am so glad that I found subscription box bootcamp. Yes, you can find tons of info on starting your soapbox for free on Google, but that can quickly become information overload. SVB gives you the info and the tools and bite size pieces. So you can actually put your learning into action. And the SVB community is like no other. The sharing of ideas and encouragement have really helped me get past learning and into execution without subscription box bootcamp. I'm pretty sure I still be researching and stuck in analysis paralysis.

Brittany (04:12):

Hi everyone. My name is Brittany Rhode and I am the founder of black girl math, a math confidence box for girls. And I have a quick math equation riddle for you. What do you get when you combine a chronic overly analyzer? That would be me plus subscription box bootcamp. You get a box that actually launched ladies and gentlemen, being a part of subscription box. Bootcamp has been one of the greatest investments I've made for my business, from the templates to the checklist, to the community. It has been such a great experience. I include the inserts that Julie made in the templates in the bootcamp, in my box every month. And that's just one example of how valuable it has been for me, especially as somebody who overthinks things a lot, this has helped streamline my thought process, which hasn't inspire me to take action quicker. So I highly recommend the subscription box bootcamp. If you're thinking about doing it going right ahead and sign up, you won't regret it. And I look forward to meeting you in the Facebook group.

Kate and Jess (05:15):

Hey guys, I'm Kate I'm Jess. And we are the creators of buddy box. We are both freelance illustrator and graphic designers, and we want to create a subscription box that included our artwork. So we did our research and there were a lot of dog and cat boxes out there, but no bunny boxes that also contained gifts for their owners. We launched our first box on October, 2019, uh, with five subscribers. And then we joined subscription box bootcamp in December, and we had grown a bit and now we have 203 subscribers. What we like about being a subscription box is we get to be our own bosses. Uh, we come up with the themes for every month and I do the graphics for the ads. And I look into the products that we will be selling and IO straight and design all of our products. So some of the things we liked about subscription box bootcamp is the videos we could watch over and over again. And the Facebook group where we could ask. And our favorite part was when Joey ball sent us a video review of our box. Yeah, totally awesome. So we really recommend subscription box bootcamp. If you wanna start or grow your subscription box business,

Valerie (06:33):

Hi, I'm, Valer Weber Williamson, and I am the owner of Jewish out of yoga subscription box. And this box right here would not be on the market today. If not for Julie Ball and subscription box bootcamp, this course has been instrumental. And it helped me to go from just an idea to the actual product in hand, where three months in now we get more and more customers every month. And this is based on all of the different modules designed, not just to help you understand different aspects of business, but how to apply them directly to the subscription box model and the community of people that are in the groups that support each other along the way. And so if you have a question, things just aren't working quite right for you. You reach out to the group, Julie answers, Julie's team answers other people in the community. They're at different stages of their own box development. You make a lot of business besties, you meet up with some incredible experts and you get direct connections to everything that you need to source products to source your box, to design your box, to doing the logo, to getting the website, going to reaching out to customers, to going on social media. And it all comes in one course subscription box bootcamp.

Leah (07:46):

Hi, I'm Leah from mother snacker, a dessert subscription box for moms. We send that sweet moment to yourself, feeling to moms all over the us and Canada with the help of Julie and her bootcamp. I've been able to scale my this and feel supported by a community of like-minded business owners. Many of whom are fellow women and moms, which is amazing when tackling all the things that life throws at you. My favorite part about my experience with the course is Julie's ability to break down the process step by step with all the things to do and the decisions to make when running your own business. I often get analysis paralysis getting to clear action steps and tutorials from someone who has successfully gone before me has been crucial to my business growth. If you're thinking about starting your own box, I highly recommend the subscription box bootcamp with Julie Ball.

Flavia (08:34):

Hi everyone. This is Flava. I'm the founder of the fabulous planner and the fabulous planner box, which is among for subscription for planners and stationary. The subscription box bootcamp helped me so much when I was first starting out. Uh, I actually found out about Julie and her classes a little bit after I launched. Uh, but it was great anyways, because I, I was missing that marketing foundation emails and all that good stuff to bring in more people. So it really, really helped me and my business to thrive. Uh, so I'm really glad I found her. I found her classes and I would definitely recommend for anyone, especially if you are brand new and you're still like are in the beginning stages, it's gonna help you for sure. Thank you.

Jocelyn (09:30):

Hi, my name is Jocelyn Ms. Rahi and my script box is dog mom lifestyles, and I serve all dog moms who really wanna have a special ritual subscription box that comes monthly so they can bond with their dogs more. And, you know, in this journey, I have to say that with out Julie's class on subscription boxes, I really would've been lost. It. It really helped with having structure and a process to follow, instead of just all this stuff that you could think about what might need to go into a business, blah, blah, blah, but she made the world of difference. Thank you, Julie.

Ashley (10:22):

Hi, my name is Ashley Weinert and I am the creator of counting our heroes home, which is a monthly deployment countdown box for military kids with a deployed parent. I am a military spouse in mom five, and I actually came up with the idea for counting our heroes home during my husband 13 month deployment, which we recently completed subscription box bootcamp was offered to me at the best time ever, because I already had the idea of what I wanted to do, but I kind of needed the know-how of how to walk from step to step, to step, to really start and get the business off the ground. So I would definitely recommend subscription box bootcamp to anybody who's really looking for all its tools, tricks, and secrets to really getting your subscription business off the ground. I felt like somebody was holding my hand as I walked through each of the steps of the process, and I actually followed it to a T and was in each stage of pre-launch and launch at the same time as I walked through subscription box bootcamp. So it was the best thing for me. It is a little nerve-wracking to make the investment, but I promise you it is worth it.

Duffy (11:25):

Hi, my name's Duffy Betterton. I just wanted to share with you a little bit about our subscription box. It's called the ballroom box. It is a quarterly subscription box for ballroom dancers that is filled with, um, tools and goodies to inspire and equip dancers. And we just wanted to say a huge shout out to Julie Ball for helping us pivot and, um, transition in an unusual year as business owners, we have dresses, uh, for ballroom dancers and I've had this idea of a subscription box, but didn't really know where to start. And Julie ball's course subscription box bootcamp has been a lifesaver. She helped us know all the details about when and where to order boxes, how to, um, curate your box, how to advertise your box, how to get it listed, um, in different places. So many details that I didn't even know that I needed to know Julie ball's course was, um, just wonderful and also the online community that continues is definitely worth it. So thank you. Subscription box bootcamp for helping us start the ballroom box.

Becky (12:35):

Hi, Hey, Becky LA here with the modern direct seller box, I just wanted to give a really giant shout out to Julie Ball and the subscription box bootcamp, community and team. I joined the program this fall with an idea for a subscription box. I wasn't sure if it was totally gonna pan out, but I wanted to take the course and kind of flesh out my idea. And before I knew it, I was so excited about launching this box. I whizzed through the courses because they were easier than ever super straightforward, really clear step by step instructions with some written instructions and cheat sheets and worksheets that went along with it, which were really helpful. And there's a tremendous community of other box owners that offer their support and their ideas. If you're getting stuck at all, it has been a great investment in my business. In fact, I got a return on investment the very first month that I launched my box, I had over a hundred subscribers. I'm entering the first quarter of my box and I continue to see it increasing about 20% every month. So I'm really excited about subscription box bootcamp. It's just been an amazing opportunity for me and my business and I can't wait to see all the good things to come in the future. So thanks Julie. Thanks subscription box bootcamp. Appreciate you.

Julie (13:59):

Wow. I just have chills if you've listened all the way to the end. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to listen to other people's stories. If you have questions about subscription box bootcamp, you can reach me in the DMS of Instagram at subscription box bootcamp, and I'm just so grateful. Great grateful for all the students. I get to work with grateful that you might be considering working with me and my team as well, and just grateful to see all of these amazing boxes go out into the world and they're changing lives. Some of my students are creating boxes that make massive impact things boxes for moms of children, with autism boxes, for caretakers of dementia patients. It's sometimes hard for me to put it into words, but the ripple effects of the businesses that our boot campers are building and the boxes that they're shipping out into the world is absolutely incredible. I love my job. I hope to be able to support you as well. Hit me up in the DMS with any questions or visit us at

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