Subscription Box Basics

Sub Summit 2022 Preview with Paul Chambers of SUBTA

April 04, 2022 Julie Ball Episode 120
Subscription Box Basics
Sub Summit 2022 Preview with Paul Chambers of SUBTA
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#120 - In this week's episode of Subscription Box Basics, you will meet Paul Chambers, the co-founder and CEO of SUBTA (Subscription Trade Association) to talk about Sub Summit 2022. Listen to all the fun in store for you in Orlando, FL this June. We hope to meet you there! 


  • What is SUBTA and what is Sub Summit? (1:27)
  • Event schedule (3:30)
  • Julie and Renae are presenting at Sub Summit🎉(14:53)
  • Hosted-Buyer Program (21:45)


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Julie (00:01):

So you wanna launch a subscription box and don't know where to start. Girl, you are in the right place. I'm Julie Ball, a subscription box coach, and your host here at subscription box basics, a podcast for new and aspiring subscription box entrepreneurs that want to avoid overwhelm, grab a coffee, some pen and paper, and let's have some fun. Hey everybody. Welcome back to subscription box basics. I'm so pumped because we are gearing up for my favorite event of the year today. We're talking about sub summit. So I brought on my friend, Paul Chambers. He is the CEO and co-founder of the subscription trade association. So please welcome Paul. How's it going, man?

Paul (00:41):

Julie, thank you so much for having me on. I always love it. I always love our chats. And as we are emailing back and forth in the last couple days here, you know, made the node, we could talk forever about anything subscription. And I always love talking to you about it.

Julie (00:55):

I know we could talk shop for hours, but I promised you guys we'll keep this short and sweet. We're gonna share all the information that you need to know about sub summit coming up. So a lot of you are gonna be hearing about sub summit for the first time. If you're new here, a lot of you have heard me talk about this year after year after year. This is the one like non-negotiable event of the year that my team and I go to. So let's start Paul by just telling people, especially those who are new here. Like what is sub the actual subscription trade association and then what is sub summit?

Paul (01:26):

Yeah, so it's funny cuz we, we brought the two so closely together over the years, a lot of people start to call sub summit Subta. Uh, and we don't, you know, we don't get mad about it. It's great that we're, we're doing subs, great brand recognition, both sides, but sub is the subscription trade association and it's up to runs sub summit. And what sub summit has become is the largest direct to consumer subscription conference in the world. Uh, we are largely subscription boxed focused subscription box focus and, and subscription, uh, boxed base. Cause it's where our roots were. Uh, but we're, we're so proud to bring so many different subscription models together too. Really benefit the subscription boxes cuz there's so many things to learn from each other and learn and grow. Now, coming back to the, to answer your question on the sub side, uh, we provide that community after the event, we provide peer groups, uh, some great resource groups via our slack channel Facebook group that we have. We have access to a wealth of, of knowledge via previous conferences. Our video library that we have, we do talks and events throughout the year. We have an awesome, awesome lecture series coming up. So I'd like to consider a great extension of your community. Julie would try and help come alongside and provide additional resources that uh, they can help continue to learn and grow throughout the awesome things you're doing. And we provide.

Julie (02:43):

Yeah, I think sub is kind of, it feels like a home base, you know, like that's where you can find other people in the industry. You can make connections, you can find vendors, you can find, um, learning materials. And I love all of the events you host and you guys do events throughout the year, not just sub summit. So a lot of virtual events and maybe some other in-person ones in the future. Let's hope so, but let's dive deeper into sub summit. So it's coming up in June in Orlando, Florida, which I'm so excited to get together with people again in a warm environ. I mean, Disney's gonna be right next door. Like, let's talk about what it's gonna be like at the event. Can we walk through just like the entire kind of like the loose schedule of what to expect

Paul (03:32):

For sure. So the event kicks off midday on Wednesday and right. Yep. On June 1st there at Wednesday, June 1st we start off with some amazing, uh, you know, track sessions to get people excited, get 'em going. We lead into a couple keynote sessions and then that end of that day, we've got our pitch competition and the pitch competition is a lot of fun, really exciting. We've narrowed it down from 20 actually hundreds had applied narrowed down to 20 in our, our five or earlier arounds pitch virtually. And then the final four will be pitching live on stage in front of a live panel of judges. Uh, so if you're ever thinking about doing or ever done a pitch competition, it's really fun to go and watch that and learn about, you know, how can I maybe be in a pitch competition someday and learn about their businesses too?

Paul (04:20):

Yeah. So fun to see right after that, we do a welcome reception for everybody, a great opportunity to get out there and network meet people. And we do that throughout the day at the event as well. We, we break up times, really have some good networking times for everybody because that's, there's so much value in that. And, and Julie, we have talked about this before and, and maybe some of your a has heard it, but for the benefit of those that are new, we started sub summit a little bit selfishly, because we wanted to meet other subscription box owners. We were running a subscription box company ourselves at the time. So we, we understand the value in doing that. We've since sold our subscription box company. So we can focus on building this community and giving everybody the most full attention we can on that. But we still go back to our roots always and forever of, we want to bring people together, help them learn and grow together and build an amazing community around it. So we always, always make sure that we've got time for that. So that's

Julie (05:14):

Love that. It's, it's one of my favorite parts.

Paul (05:16):

Yeah. It's and I know I like, I love, I love walking around and seeing you talking with so many people and, and a lot of your community and meeting new friends there, it's tough. Sometimes admittedly like I, by nature am in little introverted. You might not believe that.

Julie (05:32):

Oh no, I didn't know

Paul (05:33):

That. You know, like I just like doing work all day. I'm talking to people. I just kinda like when I get certain times I, I wanna pull in and I, I call it channeling my inner Chris chamber. So if you've been to our event, you know, my brother, he's a very much an extrovert. He's our MC at the conference and channel that energy for a few days and get out there and meet some people because the most amazing connections happen from that.

Julie (05:55):

Yeah. He's so much fun to watch on stage. Like he's totally in his element and he keeps that event kind of moving along with fun and energy. And, but I can, I can relate to you. So most people think I'm just completely extroverted. I'm a bit much for some people, but I like to call myself an ambivert cuz I'm real right in the middle. So I'm super extroverted. Like I people and people and people as a verb, um, until I can't and then what it hits me like a wall and then I'm like, okay guys, I have to go recharge. I'll see you in about three, four hours. Yeah. And honestly I did that. I don't know if you, if I told you this, but I did that at last year's subs summit. It was my first event back with lots of people, you know, after the pandemic or during the pandemic. Um, I felt safe there, but I had run out of my energy reserves, but the cool thing was that I went back to my room and kind of recharged for three or four hours, but I didn't miss a beat because I watched all the events on the app. You guys have, have this awesome app that was live streaming. Are you doing that again? This year? Yep.

Paul (07:02):

A hundred percent. We are bringing that back

Julie (07:04):

Year. Awesome. Yeah. So I was watching the events live downstairs while I was upstairs drinking a coffee, having a snack recharging so that I could show back up that evening and do some networking and have some fun. And so if you're listening to this and you're like, this just sounds like a lot. Just remember like the event, if you stay at the hotel, what is it called? The, um, Disney,

Paul (07:27):

Uh, it's the dolphin Swan and dolphin hotel there. Okay.

Julie (07:30):

So Swan and dolphin hotel. You've got some deals for people who are going to the event.

Paul (07:34):

We do, they can go right to the sub summit website, click on venue and they can book right from there for an amazing room block.

Julie (07:40):

So you should do that. If you're thinking about going, you should book there because that gives you that opportunity to go back up and recharge. If you have to, if you're an ambivert like me, um, and yeah, you'll have the virtual option on the app.

Paul (07:52):

Yeah. And the other thing we do too, is if you miss a session, we have field notes. We provide at the end of every, uh, event where we give the key takeaways from every session. Cause that's the other challenge, right? There's so many great tracks and speakers and, and, and so much great content that you can't always make it to. Every single one. We encourage you. If you've got teammates, you can bring out there, invite them to come along because it's great to send people different directions. But if it's just you or you can't bring 'em along, then know, well, two things, we got a virtual option. So if the teammates need to stay home for any reason can do that nice. Uh, or the field notes you can get afterwards and, and get kind of the key points. And then you also have access to all those sessions.

Paul (08:31):

We record every single one you can watch 'em all afterwards as well, which is super, super great. But we're gonna be doing that again this year. Those one of our COVID kind of precautions. We still are putting all those same COVID precautions into place because you never know what can happen. And everybody has different comfort levels. That's fair. And we've, we've, you know, made this commitment going forward. We're always, we always were and we always will be committed to the health and safety of our, our community. Awesome. And so we're gonna be bringing back the social distancing lanyards, where you can choose from green, yellow, or red, you know, green hugs and high fives, yellow, little elbow bumps, gimme a little space red. I'm gonna go hide in the corner, but it's okay. I'm I'm here. I'm still cool. Right? I love that love to be present. And so we're gonna be bringing that back. You can interchange throughout the, and if your comfort level changes, um, you know, if you're you wanna wear a mask, wear a mask, whatever you're comfortable with, we're still gonna be practicing health and safety, no matter what going forward. And part of that is giving those, uh, streaming sessions via the app as well.

Julie (09:28):

Awesome. Yeah, I that's, I spent so much time on that app. I just loved it. Okay. So we, we got sidetracked. We were talking about out the schedule. So we walked through day one. We're gonna do some the re um, the pitch competition. Welcome reception. Okay. What else?

Paul (09:43):

So day two, June 2nd. Uh, again, great. More track content, more keynote sessions, a lot of fun. Uh, true. Bill's gonna be coming in and, and I've been chasing after true bill number of years. And true build to me has been really important because they are out there advertising the, they are the service to help you cancel your subscriptions and how dare I invite in the company. That's telling people to cancel their subscriptions, but I think it's an extremely important conversation to have and to be part of, you know, why are they doing that? And, and how does a company like that see subscriptions being sort of this mainstream part of our lives. And it's not about encouraging people to cancel. It's about managing them and understanding, okay, if this company's out there saying this, how do we best work within this environment? How do we best work within this new norm where people have more and more subscriptions than their lives, and maybe we're coming in and out of it, it's, you know, we know people get box burn our over time.

Paul (10:37):

We know people have, you know, their churn and their LTV, but you know, the way we like to approach it is canceling. Isn't forever. Canceling might be for now, and we know they're coming back. So we're gonna have that conversation. Uh, it's gonna be, you know, a lot of fun all around there. Uh, at lunchtime, we've got some amazing keynotes, so we'll provide lunch to everybody. And then the evening is the cube awards. Yes, those are an absolute blast. I love, um, I was, I look, I was looking back at pictures of 'em and I, my girls were there. My, my twin 11 year old girls were there with me last year. And I pictured me walking down the red carpet with them. And it was such a special memory and so much fun. And so we literally roll out the red carpet, hire, you know, paparazzi there taking pictures as you're going down. That's so fun. This is your time to shine, right? I want, we want the community to be proud of what they've built, proud of what they've done. And so if you haven't already, uh, go to sub, uh, special events in keyboards and nominate your brand for a keyboard. Nomination is free. If you're, if you're a winner, the trophy's free, this is not a pay to play. This is a, we wanna invest in you and your business and help make sure this community gets a recognition. It deserves. That's

Julie (11:50):

Awesome. I

Paul (11:50):

Love it. There's 13 different categories, uh, from best, uh, health and wellness down to best kids subscription best men's, women's you name it? Uh, we are so excited about continuing to grow the keyboards. So after the keyboards, we've got the after party. So we serve you dinner at the keyboards. We've got a cocktail hour before it, we do dinner during it, and then we've got the after party afterwards, bring your

Julie (12:13):

That's right,

Paul (12:14):

Bring dancing shoes. And, uh, we're gonna be, we're really excited about that. We've got some fun themes planned for that. Uh, I can't talk about them because I don't want a certain company coming after me for legal reasons, but I can tell you it's gonna be awesome and it has to do with the area. Um, but it's, it's, it's, it's a blast every year. And, uh, again, just, just lots of fun. We have games, we have an open bar, uh, and we bring in more food. So we love to, we love to network and entertain. That's that's our jam. So fun. That's all in day two.

Julie (12:48):

Yeah. Day two. I feel like it's just so much fun. Not only do you have a full day of programming that you get to, you know, what tracks you go to, um, keynotes and networking opportunities, but then you have an evening planned for you already for, you know, entertainment, so to speak. So the awards show is it feels like a true awards show. Like you walk in, there's a, are you guys doing the meal again? Like usual? Yep,

Paul (13:12):


Julie (13:13):

Okay. So you get a see meal. This is the opportunity too, that, um, my girlfriends and I, and my team and I, we dress up a little bit, you know, make a night of it. Yeah. And the award ceremony is so fun and exciting for everyone involved. You can just see and feel like the hype. Yeah. For all of these brands that are nominated. And so if you're listening to of this and you're like, uh, I wanna be a part of that. Paul was just telling you the link, um, at, if you had a, a sub and then drop down to the events and choose the cube awards, you can nominate yourself. Like you don't have to ask your community to you. Of course you can, but you can nominate yourself so that you are in the running as well. So thank you guys for putting that at on, it's such a fun party. We dance our hearts out and we wouldn't miss that, that party for anything.

Paul (14:02):

That's awesome. Yeah. It's so much fun. And, and the members of your community, uh, we're gonna have special table set aside for you guys there at cute awards to bring you all to continue to bring you all together. And if you're not already a member of Julie's community, join ahead of time, or make sure you buddy up with her during the event and ask for a seat at the table. Yes. A couple tables set aside for you guys. And it's, you know, it's a great way again, to just have some amazing conversations while you're there,

Julie (14:27):

Right on. Okay. So that's day two. Let's talk about day three.

Paul (14:30):

And so day three, we rounded out with a, a great morning of additional content. We have some amazing speakers that coming in. And when we talk about the, like the tracks and the content, it rings ranges, remember from how to get your first PR campaign started down to pay per click marketing acquisition. And then we wanna talk about some, uh, a little sneak preview of the retention tactics here from there.

Julie (14:53):

Yeah. Yes, yes. So Renee and I from subscription back bootcamp, we will be on stage. Um, we are doing a presentation on our top 10 countdown of retention tactics, biggest hits. And of course, you know, in our true fashion, we can't do anything normal or boring. So we are kind of tough it into, um, music. So think about your top den countdown on TRL when you were growing up, that's kind of the vibe that we're gonna be pulling for, for our presentation. So you guys don't wanna miss it. Um, it's gonna be in the startup track, correct?

Paul (15:25):

Yes. We're gonna have it in that startup track room and that's, you know, so we've got three track rooms and they're kind of tiered based on know size of the brand, but you know, if you're in an early stage or startup, uh, don't think that you need to just go into that track room because there's some awesome content to another areas that you can learn from. But we do have that one dedicated track room just for startup and early stage companies that are getting, getting started out there. Two big questions for you, Julie one, do we need to bring our dancing shoes to your session? Yes.

Julie (15:51):


Paul (15:52):


Julie (15:52):

You definitely

Paul (15:52):

Do. Are you gonna be wearing your nineties attire for the, for the session

Julie (15:56):

We may or may not have been, um, looking for MTV spring break t-shirts

Paul (16:02):

Yes. I have excited.

Julie (16:03):

And, and based off of the top 10 hits, we'll be making a playlist, which is in true sparkle, hustle, growth fashion, too. We're gonna be our playlist. So when you need to get in the zone, when you're working on your retention tactics, you can just pop on the playlist and remember all the tactics that we've been teaching.

Paul (16:21):

Yep. Yep. And that's, you know, what's fun is like, that's a great way to remember things via association, not just, you know, seeing it and, and, and hearing about it like verbally, but also you connect the music to it. Yeah. It'll, it'll trigger those things sometimes. Like, oh, this, oh my gosh, this song reminds me, I need to get better at this, or I need to go be doing this. So yes. That's a, that's a really fun way to, to do that. Yeah.

Julie (16:44):

We're really excited. Thank you as always for having us on stage it's, it's such a highlight of the year. So if you guys are listening, you have to come to our presentation and introduce yourself to me and Renee, we would love to have you in the audience dancing along and learning with us.

Paul (16:59):

Yes. And you know, one of the other things, you know, I, I think it's kind of talking about the introductions and meeting people when we, it was our, our second event that we held and in, in Austin, in 2017, I dunno if I've told you this story before I might of, but we remember when our ticket registrations came through, we were still running gentlemen's box at the time. And we saw EZ a box, come on the registration. We're like, oh, spread box is coming. This is interesting. They're gonna, it's our biggest competitor at the time for gentleman's box. We're like, okay, all right, well, we'll get to meet 'em, but they're gonna come. And they're, you're gonna steal all these great ideas, but, you know, we're like, but that's what we're, we're trying to do. We're trying to encourage it. And we met them and we created such a great friendship with those guys at that event.

Paul (17:41):

So our biggest competitor who we thought was like, you know, the, the evil competitor of the world, we ended up loving Phil and his partners and just, they were all great. Guys, love it. And still continue to this day. So I share that with your audience, because even if you see somebody out there that you might think is your competitor in, uh, the business that you're running, or even if you look at somebody and think, wow, they're, they're much bigger than I am. Think about Joseph, uh, yo from boxy charm, he's at our 2016 event or your first sub summit, just getting started, just getting going was acquired last year by Ipsy. And it's now running with Ipsy, one of the largest subscriptions in the world. So anything's possible. And it, and it's been so fun to see this world continue to evolve.

Julie (18:22):

Yeah. And a hundred percent collaboration over competition. Yeah. Um, I actually am friends with, so, so many other coaches in the industry and so many other, um, boxes that might be in the same niche as sparkle hustle grow like business boxes. Yeah. And you know what, not once have I felt that that box was going to take something away because I was friends with their owner, you know, like we were able to share war stories and we were able to, you know, just chit chat and talk shop, which is sometimes what we need. And I think too, if we all realize how many consumers are out there, like there's, there's enough for all of us, there's enough to go around. So don't ever let that stop you. Another thing. Um, I had a couple people reach out to me this year and in the past saying, um, I thinking about going, but I don't know anybody or I, I don't wanna be there alone. You guys, you have me, you have Renee. We're gonna be there. Like, you're listening to my voice. And so many people tell me after listening all the time, they're like, I feel like we're BFFs. Well, we are so come, come meet with me at sub summit. Like, come hang out with me.

Paul (19:28):

Absolutely. And if you is the other thing too, our, I love our sub team. Not just cuz I mean, I'm so proud of, of everybody on our team for so many different reasons in different ways. If you're, if you have those feelings, like, I don't know anybody come up to us as well. We're always happy to introduce you. Here's somebody I like to meet. Here's somebody I like to talk to. You have Shawn, who's our new member relations specialist. You have little Lauren, you have Liz. I mean Bradley the video guy he'll even get so

Julie (19:54):

Nice everybody. Yeah. I love

Paul (19:55):

Them all. Yeah. Or Chris chambers, Chris chambers will find somebody in a heartbeat just talk to him. So that's, you know, it's, it's challenging. I, I, I, I get it sometimes to put yourself out there if you're not that type person, but um, you take a deep breath and, and get into it and lean into it.

Julie (20:11):

Yeah. Okay. So we, we talked about the schedule, right. Did you have anything to add to the schedule?

Paul (20:17):

Uh, no. So the other thing to note, you know, we've, uh, a half day on, on Friday rounds it out. We finished by noon. Do everybody time either to catch flights home, but keep in mind the Swan and dolphin is on the property of Walt Disney world. And if you are looking for a little family getaway or what we did, we did a site tour and we took all of our teams. So all 13 stuff to team members, we did a team building day at the parks. Cool. We wore them down. They're all whining about their feet hurting at the end of the day. I don't get it cuz I like powered them through the parks, but it was a great day for us to hang out, talk, you know, talk about the business a little bit, have some fun together. And so that's something else you can do stick around for the weekend and enjoy, uh, you can walk to Hollywood studios from there. You can walk to ACO from there and then you can take the gondola of ticket and transportation center and go to magic kingdom as well.

Julie (21:06):

So there's a lot to look forward to, but let's, let's look at ROI for a second. Right. Cause we're business owners. So we need to make sure this makes sense for us. Yep. Um, let's talk about how you can make the most of the events. So obviously, you know, you wanna look at the schedule, you wanna earmark all of the events in advance, all of the sessions you wanna go to. Like that's the way I, I look at an a event and I'll say, okay, I, these are my can't miss ones. Um, then I'll mark some that these are the ones that I'm interested in. Maybe I'll catch them on the app, uh, you know, through the live streaming, maybe I'll go to them. But there's another opportunity that you guys have that can have some serious ROI and it's called the hosted buyer program. Will you tell us about that?

Paul (21:45):

Yeah. So, uh, you can jump on our website and take, to look at the specifics around the program, but what it does is you apply to be part of the hosted buyer program. We'll review your application and make sure they kind of fit within a little bit of the framework of what we're looking for as far as size of business. And right now it says a million of revenue. If you're not quite there or approaching that still apply. Yeah. Because what we do is we match up your business with selected partners that are, are part of this program. They pay to be part of this program and, and have conversations with you. But in turn, what we do is return reimbursement for travel, uh, to that as well as hotel. Uh, and then you also get a free ticket to sub summit as part of that. Amazing.

Julie (22:26):


Paul (22:26):

So in the only is for you to hold up to eight meetings while you're there, we have specific time set aside for you to hold those meetings. And they're quick 10, 15 minute meetings where you'll sit down and just engage in a quick conversation, no pressure, no obligation. You're not obligated to buy anything from these partners, but it's a great way. We've had a, a couple businesses, a number of businesses. We started trialing this in recent years, say we made some great relationships from the host of buyer program while worth it. So not only did they see the ROI from that, you know, they either met a new box manufacturer or a new shipping company able to save money. So they saw media ROI. They got there for free basically. Yeah, yeah. Uh, so we provide that travel reimbursement hotel and then the ticket to the event as part of that too.

Julie (23:12):

So if you're listening and you are kind of in that scaling stage, you're probably on the hunt for new vendors, as you have new challenges or new opportunities as you grow. And so think of this, you guys, it's almost like speed dating with vendors. Like you're not obligated to give them a second date, but this gives you that like opportunity to sit with them for 15 minutes and say, okay, here's what I need in this area of my business. Tell me about, tell me about what, how you solved that problem. I love that because it is, I mean, there's so much decision fatigue. When you just go to Google and you start searching for new box vendors or you start searching for, um, you know, agencies that can help you with marketing, things like that. And so you guys are bringing vetted vendors to the table for us as attendees, to sit and chat with and learn about their business with no, and you get your travel reimbursed. So it's like ma massive opportunity, fear for ROI. If you have any questions, if you're listening and you're like, well, I'm not sure about that. Um, who, where would be the best place where they could ask questions? How do they reach you guys at sub?

Paul (24:19):

Yeah. They can find us anytime at let's or, if that's easier to for you. But, uh, let's can ask us questions. Anytime got an amazing team. That's constantly monitoring email and getting back to you as quickly as possible, or you can call 8, 3, 360 3 Suba and talk to a real life person. And we're always here to, to at least between nine and five. Sure. Um, and just be careful when you get into the voicemail system and you're listening to your option, uh, just don't go too far. That's that's all, all Warren through. Oh,

Julie (24:49):


Paul (24:51):

Um, yeah, it gets, I dunno what to say, gets a little crazy around here. Um, but one thing to, uh, also note is the expo hall that we have, and we didn't really talk about that, but it is the largest expo hall in DDC subscription. And you get to meet, you know, with companies like FedEx, you can meet, uh, some of the other brands that are there, whether it be, uh, doing E that focus on email marketing all the way down to like bold and recharge, those guys are there. So if you wanna, you know, talk more about, you know, Hey, I'm having these troubles, they're there for tech support. They're there to talk to you and help you, uh, box manufacturers. Just anybody in everybody's suppliers you need in the space are, are there as well.

Julie (25:27):

Nice. Yeah. I love walking through the expo hall. The vendors are very excited to have a chance to like, learn about your boxes. And at the very least guys, if you are not looking for a new vendor for anything, you still should look at these because what are, what are you gonna need in three months, six months, 12 months from now, plus it's an opportunity for you to practice your, your elevator pitch. They're gonna say, tell me about your box. And it's a like live opportunity for you to tell somebody else about your subscription box. So use it as a great like practice and learning opportunity. Yeah. So we've talked about so much, we've got, you know, all these great panels and tracks and presentations. We've got keynotes, we've got cube awards and a party and the expo hall. So one thing we need to cover is where to get these tickets so that all of our listeners can join us.

Paul (26:15):

Yeah. So they can go on to sub, uh, and get tickets right on the website. We just pass the early bird ticket deadline. However, we've extended that now. Nice

Julie (26:25):

April. Thank

Paul (26:26):

You. Yep. So, so you have until April 10th to get on the early bird tickets still, or you can apply for the hosted buyer program, if you're worried about like, Hey, I'm on the fence about hosted buyer, dunno if I'm gonna get accepted or not. And you're worried about passing that deadline, don't worry, you know, still apply for a hosted buyer. You don't need to rush out and, and get the ticket then, uh, we'll still honor that pricing for you. Just let us know, you know, Hey, I, I held off, can you extend that team will take care of it for you. We're good people. We wanna just, you know, we wanna make it work for everybody. Uh, and you know, we're, we're excited to get anybody there and, and have you guys there, the other thing I wanna remind people of too, where goes the front porch, uh, is we're bringing it back as well as life as a subscriber. So there's gonna be a call out for sending boxes to the front porch. It's a massive display. We put in the middle of the expo hall where you can contribute your subscription box. You gotta bring it with you and throw it on the front porch or ship it to us. And we put it out there too. And it's really fun. And photo opportunity.

Julie (27:20):

Yeah. So to, to kind of paint the picture, got, think about an actual front porch, like setup in the middle of the expo hall or wherever you put it this year. Yep. It is all these boxes of people who are either there or participating or sub to members get to put their box there. And you know, what, what I found last year is that's where anyone that was like live broadcasting or doing like a Facebook live or whatever, um, influencers I saw standing in front of the front porch, sharing imagery, pictures, and video of all the people, um, and of their boxes. Yeah. And so it's, it's really fun. It's an opportunity to get in those pictures in that video and just to contribute as a, as a part of something bigger.

Paul (28:02):

Yeah. I mean, Samantha, from envelopes gonna be there, uh, Buzzfeed is gonna be there. So they're gonna a great opportunity for them to see what's happening. We have a number of other media that are gonna be at the event as well. And of course my subscription addictions are every year. So great opportunity to meet with Simran or Nick or anybody from the team there. So great opportunities for exposure is part of it, too.

Julie (28:21):

Awesome. And you know, in just a couple episodes, um, Sam from the pink envelope is gonna be on the podcast because we keep hearing about how people are spending all this money on Facebook ads and it's not converting for them. And they can be spending that same kind of money on things that do convert. And, you know, for a lot of very, like a lot of niches, um, Sam from the pink envelope is an awesome, like marketing tram. So

Paul (28:46):

ROI. And I've been talking with her about it lot lately, too. We wanna spread the word as much as we can to help benefit the community. So yeah. You know, that's, that's awesome. I think that's gonna be a great conversation.

Julie (28:55):

Yeah. Stay tuned everybody for that one. Yeah. Okay. Paul, what else do we need? Did we cover everything about sub summit? I know like I'm super pumped. I've got my flight booked. My ho hotel booked. Yeah.

Paul (29:07):

So I think we got through it all the only other reminder, if you are interested in doing Disney, uh, on the venue page, you can get discounted tickets to the Disney parks, significantly lower than if you're to buy them retail. You can also get partial date tickets. So if you wanted to go half day on Friday into that evening into the parks, you can do that if exclusively through our offering. As part of that too

Julie (29:29):

Nice game on, I should've wore my Mickey mouse ears for this interview. Right.

Paul (29:33):

I know no I'm looking at our Lister, uh, things we were talking about. We got through it all. So it's exciting. I'm excited to see your community there. I'm excited to see you again, Julie, and hang out and have some fun and, you know, thanks so much for allowing me to come on and, and, and share this with, with everyone out there.

Julie (29:49):

Always, this is, this is like I said, the event that we look forward to the most, every single year. Um, you guys, if you have any questions about the event, I've been there multiple times, so I'm happy answer any questions. You can always reach me on Instagram, in the DMS, um, at subscription box bootcamp. Let me know what questions you have otherwise, head to sub, get your ticket and meet us there. Paul, thanks again for sharing all this information for your you and your entire team for putting on this amazing event for our industry. Thank you so much.

Paul (30:21):

Thank you so much, Julie. We appreciate you.

Julie (30:23):

Yeah. All right. Everybody hope you enjoyed today's episode. We'll see you in Orlando in June, and I'll see you also in the next episode. Bye guys.