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The power of blockchain explained

February 10, 2020 dotLAB Radio
dotLAB Radio
The power of blockchain explained
Show Notes

In this episode of dotLAB radio, Lory Kehoe managing director of ConsenSys explains what blockchain technology is and how it can be used to help businesses in different industries to stay relevant and develop new products and create better customer experiences. 

We discuss how businesses can digitise processes using blockchain technology, how blockchain can be a positive thing for the music industry and the most famous application of blockchain technology: cryptocurrencies. Lory breaks the myth about blockchain technology being easily hacked and explains what makes blockchain technology incredibly secure.

We cover areas including:

• What blockchain technology is
• What makes blockchain technology secure
• How blockchain is changing finance as we know it
• What blockchain means for the music industry and how it can help artists  
• How managers or leaders should position themselves to leverage blockchain technology now and in the future
• What blockchain is not suitable for
• What qualities you need to succeed in the blockchain industry"