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Improving Student Learning: Evidence-based approaches to learning and teaching

April 15, 2020 dotLAB Radio
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Improving Student Learning: Evidence-based approaches to learning and teaching
Show Notes

Evidence-based learning and teaching (EBLT) concerns connecting learning and teaching to evidence-based methods, strategies and processes, through nurturing a systemic institutional culture that is committed to continuous improvement of student learning. It is a key methodology for linking teaching and research. The European Universities Association (EUA) explored how evidence-based approaches to learning and teaching could be adopted at a larger scale and developed further at higher education institutions across Europe to improve student learning. In this episode of dotLAB Radio, we talk to Professor Philippe Emplit of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium and EUA Deputy Director of Higher Education Policy, Dr. Therese Zhang, on their recently published report on EBLT. In this podcast, we discuss:

  • What is evidence-based learning and teaching?
  • What are six steps of evidence-based learning and teaching?
  • Why adopt evidence-based learning and teaching? 
  • What are the challenges in adopting evidence-based learning and teaching?
  • What can Higher Education Institutions do to successfully adopt evidence-based learning and teaching? 

Additional information on the EUA report on EBLT can be found at here

About Professor Philippe Emplit and Dr. Therese Zhang

Professor Philippe Emplit is Director  of  the  Service  OPERA‐Photonics  and  Professor  of  Physics at  the Université  Libre  de Bruxelles  (ULB),  in  the Engineering,  Science and Human  Sciences  faculties.  He  is  the  Director  of  all  Bachelors and Masters  programmes  of  the  Solvay  Brussels School of Economics and Management  (SBS‐EM) and  has acted for 2 years as  the Vice‐Chair of this Business School. He presently is a member of the Task Force group of  ULB, advising, on a scientific basis,  the university authorities in their strategy versus rankings  development. He also is a member of the Governing Board and of the Research Council of  ULB,  representing  the  academic  staff.  Philippe  Emplit  is  a  member  of  the  Interuniversity Council CIUF  of  the  Belgian  Communauté  française  CFB,  the  organism  responsible  for  collecting in a coherent way the statistics for all CFB universities. 

Dr. Thérèse Zhang is the Deputy Director for Higher Education Policy at EUA. She works on topics related to higher education learning and teaching, including developments in the Bologna process, lifelong learning, digitalisation and internationalisation. Dr. Zhang holds a PhD in Romance Philology from the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, as well as a Masters in European Studies from the same university. She completed part of her education at the University of Bologna, Italy, and as Visiting Researcher at Brown University, United States.