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Unpacking the Future of Disability Inclusion with Stefan LeBlois

August 18, 2023 Antonio Santos, Debra Ruh, Neil Milliken
AXSChat Podcast
Unpacking the Future of Disability Inclusion with Stefan LeBlois
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Get ready for an enlightening and stimulating conversation with Stephane LeBlois from Valuable 500. Stefan brings us an inside view of their transformative initiative, Generation Valuable, a ground-breaking program aimed at catapulting the careers of aspiring disabled leaders. This initiative doesn’t stop there; it also provides an eye-opening perspective to existing leaders about the unique hurdles faced by the disabled community. Through their innovative leadership course laced with inspiring guest speakers from a myriad of sectors, Generation Valuable is firing up impactful dialogues, triggering actionable change, and even turning the heads of global CEOs!

Moving beyond the usual rhetoric, we dive into the practicalities of disability inclusion, emphasizing the need to not just amass data, but to translate these numbers into tangible actions. We talk about the diverse key performance indicators, from disability representation to cultural and ergonomic objectives. This is not just about ticking boxes; it’s about understanding the benefits of disability inclusion and how it can shape ESG metrics. Stefan explains how collaborations with ratings agencies and investment firms are playing a crucial role in tracking progress.

We wrap up our conversation with an exploration of the relationship between the Valuable 500 community and corporations. Shifting from legal action to a focus on creating shared value, Valuable 500 is transforming its approach to disability inclusion. Companies are no longer just targets of criticism; they are partners in the process, receiving invaluable support to engage the disability community in meaningful ways. Stefan also highlights the resources available for SMEs and the importance of a collective approach to foster a positive growth mindset. So, tune in as we unpack the future of disability inclusion with Stephane LeBlois.

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