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AXSChat Podcast with Lorena Julio, human rights advocate and Co-Founder of Comparlante

July 25, 2020 Antonio Santos, Debra Ruh, Neil Milliken talk with Lorena Julio
AXSChat Podcast
AXSChat Podcast with Lorena Julio, human rights advocate and Co-Founder of Comparlante
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Show Notes

Hosted by Antonio Santos, Debra Ruh and Neil Milliken.

Lorena Julio is a human rights advocate with a Master in Compared Public Policies and a degree in Social Communication. She worked for more than 14 years in the promotion and protection of human rights in Latin America and the United States.

She participated in multiple high-level events as a speaker on human rights, youth and disabilities in the United States, India, Israel, and many countries in Latin America. 

Lorena worked for the Government of Argentina as Head of Press in the Human Rights Secretariat of the Province of Buenos Aires as well as in the Coordination Team of the Vulnerable Groups Assistance Program. In the international arena, Lorena worked in the Organization of American States (OAS) as Program Officer of the Young Forum of the Americas in the framework of the Presidents Summit. After that, she took functions as Communications Officer at the Young Americas Business Trust, leading the youth networks from the Forum. Lorena completed courses on entrepreneurship in Israel and Silicon Valley and a leadership course for social change-makers at Kanthari in India. In 2015 she founded Fundación Comparlante in Argentina to shorten the gap to access education and information for visually impaired persons. Currently, Comparlante promotes equity through universal accessibility.
She was awarded an “Honorable Mention” under Ideas For Action Program by the World Bank and Wharton Business School in 2015 and as “Iconic Woman Creating a better world for all” by Women Economic Forum in 2018.
Fundacion Comparlante was awarded and funded by the Government of Buenos Aires Province and IncluYes by the National Government of Chile in 2018.
In 2020 she joined Jai Jagat Global Peace Campaign. A wake-up call to respond to the current deepening economic, social and environmental crisis.

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