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AXSChat Podcast with Debra, Ruh, Neil Milliken and Antonio Santos

September 07, 2021 Antonio Santos, Debra Ruh, Neil Milliken
AXSChat Podcast
AXSChat Podcast with Debra, Ruh, Neil Milliken and Antonio Santos
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 Antonio Santos is a Social Media Business Evangelist and Senior Data Intelligence Expert, at Atos, focusing on Digital Inclusion, Social Media Engagement, and Social Business. He is a Sociologist with expertise on Applied Research; he previously worked in the Media, Military, Public Sector and Telecom before joining Siemens IT in 2006 in Cork and Atos in 2011. According to Onalytica who measures online presence and influence, Antonio is the 3rd most influential employee in the world, in Consulting based on data from Twitter and LinkedIn and number one on Sustainability amongst employees of the 48 most important consulting companies globally.

In 2014 with Debra Ruh and Neil Milliken he creates axschat. A weekly Twitter chat on diversity and inclusion, who become the most popular twitter conversation on that topic over the last six years. AXSChat was chosen by Valuable 500 CEO Caroline Casey to become one of their primary media partners and to support their efforts to create a community to revolutionise disability inclusion through business leadership and opportunity. 

 Debra Ruh is a seasoned entrepreneur that focuses on Global Disability Inclusion, ICT Accessibility, EmployAbility, Marketing and Communications Strategies and Digital Media.  She has provided global leadership to governments, corporations, NGOs and DPO’s (Disability Persons Organizations) all over the world supporting research, outreach, marketing strategies, policy and standards initiatives with public- and private-sector.  Policy, Legislative and Technical Experience includes the United Nations Convention of Rights for People with Disabilities (CRPD), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 503, 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, W3C, WCAG 2.0 and ISO.  Debra is also a seasoned Entrepreneur (founder of three firms): Ruh Global Communications, TecAccess, Strategic Performance Solutions. 

 Neil currently works for Atos as Head of Accessibility & Inclusion where his role is to help make the world a better place by delivering better technology for our customers and staff, embedding inclusive practice into the Business As Usual Processes of organisations with thousands of employees and turnovers numbering in billions.

He created the Atos Centre of Competence encompassing Accessibility, Inclusive Design and Assistive Technology Services. This team now services multiple accounts and delivers best practice, support and consultancy for the organisation. 


00:00:03.659 --> 00:00:18.900
Neil Milliken: hello, and welcome to AXSChat it's still holiday season, and we are manifestly disorganized and dysfunctional but we're back and all three of us are here, for once, so.

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Neil Milliken: And it's good to be back, but actually we're going to talk a little bit today about taking time off and self care, because actually this is really an issue right now so whilst we're in holiday season.

00:00:33.390 --> 00:00:41.640
Neil Milliken: A lot of people aren't necessarily going to be able to relax and take that self care that that they might normally have done so, so, for example, i've.

00:00:43.350 --> 00:00:44.190
Neil Milliken: not gone away.

00:00:45.240 --> 00:00:50.040
Neil Milliken: i'm not going abroad, we staycation in the UK, no one gets off the island.

00:00:51.570 --> 00:00:51.870
Neil Milliken: and

00:00:52.320 --> 00:01:04.950
Neil Milliken: And and and that's been very different and and and and people are also been forced to spend an awful lot of money, if they do wish to travel, and that means that.

00:01:06.150 --> 00:01:09.420
Neil Milliken: You know, they have to pay to test this risk of being.

00:01:10.530 --> 00:01:26.370
Neil Milliken: stuck in expensive quarantine hotel, so how people are taking a leave and finding ways to recuperate right now in a time of really deep and long term stress.

00:01:27.210 --> 00:01:44.400
Neil Milliken: Is is, I think, a challenge, so, so I am very interested to find out what people are doing and out on what some of these impacts really are in terms of how do we, how do we relax, how do we address some of the.

00:01:45.630 --> 00:02:00.330
Neil Milliken: The challenges of of letting go of work if you aren't changing your surroundings, because people are just taking time off and vacationing and they've been working from home for the last 18 months they're essentially holidaying at the office.

00:02:00.930 --> 00:02:01.350

00:02:03.120 --> 00:02:12.780
Debra Ruh: yeah I agree and I haven't and i'm jealous of the people that have but I don't but then I also hear the stories of people what they're going through.

00:02:13.530 --> 00:02:19.770
Debra Ruh: And I haven't gone anywhere, because I have two very vulnerable people that i'm living with that cannot get.

00:02:20.190 --> 00:02:30.360
Debra Ruh: coven we even though they're vaccinated there they just are so much at risk, and so, but i'm hearing these awful stories, you know I, I know that.

00:02:30.780 --> 00:02:39.720
Debra Ruh: Just for example Virginia beach, which is close to me a couple of hours away from me, normally, you can get an ocean front room for about $200 a night.

00:02:40.260 --> 00:02:49.290
Debra Ruh: The rooms now are $800 a night, so, as you said that you know it, the route, everything has tripled or more and.

00:02:49.680 --> 00:02:59.280
Debra Ruh: And the thing that makes me nervous, is that I know people that have been fully vaccinated that are wearing their masks and still catching coven 19 which by the way, you can.

00:02:59.670 --> 00:03:08.610
Debra Ruh: and generally they're just weathering it at home and getting real sick, but I do know some people that have actually died, I know a minister that died.

00:03:08.820 --> 00:03:15.480
Debra Ruh: Even though she was fully vaccinated she was wearing a mask she was trying to social distance but two is giving a funeral.

00:03:15.810 --> 00:03:26.220
Debra Ruh: And she got covert, as did everyone in her family, but covert attacked her differently shut down our organs killed her was horrible you know so in also.

00:03:26.670 --> 00:03:42.600
Debra Ruh: At a time when it feels like the world is on fire, the hurricanes, that the unrest it's it's really scary times and making sure that we you know we're managing our mental health, which sometimes I don't think I do a good job with.

00:03:43.620 --> 00:03:59.730
Debra Ruh: I sometimes i'm a little bit too short, with some of my friends sorry Neil but it's such an intense time I know sorry, but I do love you but, and I know the other day, Antonio was on holiday and he was actually you know.

00:04:00.810 --> 00:04:15.660
Debra Ruh: walking around the beach, and I was like oh my God that's what the beach looks like I miss it but i'm i'm actually scared but at the same time, I think, society is fun it's a real valuable lessons let's Let me turn it over to you and tana Antonia.

00:04:18.420 --> 00:04:18.780
Antonio Santos: well.

00:04:20.280 --> 00:04:28.290
Antonio Santos: It was quite it's quite interesting to see that this year, I know, observing how people behave behave and I feel that.

00:04:29.550 --> 00:04:36.120
Antonio Santos: This year, more and more people are taking a kind of a break, and I have an intruder here.

00:04:37.620 --> 00:04:38.370
she's walking.

00:04:40.140 --> 00:04:40.620
Debra Ruh: At first.

00:04:42.510 --> 00:04:46.230
Antonio Santos: So this is, this is one of the reasons why we're on holiday so.

00:04:46.590 --> 00:04:58.500
Antonio Santos: We can play by the beach and and be together, so this is one of the, this is one of the reasons, because she had to spend a lot of time at home without playing with friends so so.

00:04:58.770 --> 00:05:11.250
Antonio Santos: I love school, so I think she deserved it and and, like any girl or boy from our age, she end up spending, most of the time in the pool in the water, no so.

00:05:11.310 --> 00:05:12.300
Antonio Santos: It was tireless.

00:05:12.360 --> 00:05:13.980
Antonio Santos: that's what she was doing all the time.

00:05:16.560 --> 00:05:20.010
Debra Ruh: And she needs she needs it, for her mental health, too.

00:05:20.100 --> 00:05:21.180
Debra Ruh: Yes, yes, yes.

00:05:22.830 --> 00:05:27.450
Debra Ruh: walking over, though, we could just see her leg, it was like a ghost.

00:05:32.370 --> 00:05:34.440
Neil Milliken: See the tiptoeing it was.

00:05:35.910 --> 00:05:36.540
Neil Milliken: A cartoon.

00:05:42.420 --> 00:05:43.110
Neil Milliken: behind you.

00:05:46.560 --> 00:05:51.600
Neil Milliken: Goodness yeah I think there's there's so many things at play at the moment as well, so we've got.

00:05:52.650 --> 00:05:57.300
Neil Milliken: You mentioned the the need for the kids to.

00:05:58.500 --> 00:06:03.300
Neil Milliken: To get out and play and have a normal childhood, which has been.

00:06:04.680 --> 00:06:06.570
Neil Milliken: You know tremendously disrupted.

00:06:07.590 --> 00:06:08.190
Neil Milliken: and

00:06:10.110 --> 00:06:11.700
Neil Milliken: The children.

00:06:12.840 --> 00:06:27.810
Neil Milliken: As much the victims of this if no more so than some of the older generations of children have sacrificed a lot for older generations, and you know there's some really strong discussions going on at the moment around.

00:06:28.980 --> 00:06:34.830
Neil Milliken: Actually what's a reasonable expectation in terms of who sacrifices and what.

00:06:37.980 --> 00:06:44.400
Neil Milliken: In this, because the disability Community have sacrificed a lot we you know we've we've got.

00:06:44.910 --> 00:06:55.260
Neil Milliken: members of our family on those connections that have had to self isolate and not you know essentially not had a normal life for for a couple years.

00:06:55.800 --> 00:07:03.330
Neil Milliken: And the same time, you know there's also been an awful lot of stuff where the kids have lost out an awful lot.

00:07:03.840 --> 00:07:20.820
Neil Milliken: And there's been a huge amount of spending to the benefit of the Boomer plus generations that have actually benefited from good pensions and early vaccines and everything else, and I wonder.

00:07:22.380 --> 00:07:36.600
Neil Milliken: What we're setting up for society, right now, because I think we're starting to again really get this challenging intergenerational schism potentially as a result of some of the stuff that's going on, because.

00:07:38.280 --> 00:07:45.540
Neil Milliken: In the UK, for example, there is a big fear already at the moment because potentially we have what we call the pension triple block.

00:07:46.980 --> 00:07:57.870
Neil Milliken: Which means that we align pensions and everything to inflate to basically pensions continue to get inflation rate increases on their pension.

00:07:59.610 --> 00:08:05.730
Neil Milliken: or ever every year, and because the economy collapsed.

00:08:07.980 --> 00:08:15.840
Neil Milliken: The economy is now growing again, and it means that the calculation means that pensioners will get 8% rise on their pension.

00:08:17.550 --> 00:08:36.720
Neil Milliken: When young people don't have jobs and out of work and there's no education and their lives are disrupted and they're talking about funding this by putting an extra one or 2% on the tanks of the people that are working and.

00:08:36.780 --> 00:08:45.780
Debra Ruh: He always told him this was coming we've always been seeing this was coming aging societies put so much burden on the younger people in society.

00:08:45.930 --> 00:08:47.070
But but, but in this.

00:08:48.120 --> 00:08:51.270
Neil Milliken: it's it's kind of be magnified by.

00:08:52.200 --> 00:09:07.380
Neil Milliken: recovery and the economic impact and and and and what's happened is that this is politically driven now whereby the government is rewarding its base of voters.

00:09:10.500 --> 00:09:18.990
Neil Milliken: And, and that that is then putting their financial burden on on our future, which is our young people.

00:09:20.250 --> 00:09:34.290
Neil Milliken: Who are having to subsidize the people that eventually got the assets got the you know the kind of pensions that the young people will never have right and.

00:09:35.280 --> 00:09:43.740
Neil Milliken: So I think that this is a real challenge, because what we're setting up is resentment and we've got enough resentment and and and.

00:09:44.760 --> 00:09:47.070
Neil Milliken: isms within our society already.

00:09:49.020 --> 00:10:06.540
Neil Milliken: So, so I think that this is a, this is a real challenge, how do we deal with this, how do we, you know, respect the contributions of our elders and protect them from unnecessary home but Bo we do when, where do we draw the line what's the questions, these are These are tough.

00:10:08.310 --> 00:10:20.310
Neil Milliken: tough questions to answer but also surely we also have to think about the health and well being the future prospects of the next generations.

00:10:21.570 --> 00:10:22.410
Right right.

00:10:24.180 --> 00:10:26.010
Debra Ruh: yeah, there is the.

00:10:27.480 --> 00:10:34.710
Debra Ruh: it's hard to watch society is just seems like society is going through some major change and sometimes.

00:10:35.340 --> 00:10:40.770
Debra Ruh: All the time I feel it and i'm struggling to stay balanced during it and not always being successful.

00:10:41.130 --> 00:10:46.950
Debra Ruh: And I think and then every once while when I just wanted to stop I think yeah, but do you want.

00:10:47.340 --> 00:10:59.940
Debra Ruh: us to go back to our police officers killing black people in the street, do you want to go back to you know people that are mentally ill going in and killing children in our schools.

00:11:00.240 --> 00:11:04.620
Debra Ruh: Do you want, and when I start talking to myself that way i'm like no I don't.

00:11:05.100 --> 00:11:14.430
Debra Ruh: But I do hope that what we're doing is we're paying attention and making things better so just, for example, one thing i'm doing to try to stay sane is.

00:11:14.700 --> 00:11:22.920
Debra Ruh: i'm no longer looking at the media i'm not looking at the politics i'm not looking i'm on social media but i'm very, very.

00:11:23.310 --> 00:11:34.290
Debra Ruh: directed right, I mean right now, everybody knows we're building billion strong, because I believe in it, so I just am focused on that and i've never ever put on such blinders the other day.

00:11:36.480 --> 00:11:43.260
Debra Ruh: And this is in I don't even know what to think about this because i've always been told my whole life, be a good civic.

00:11:44.550 --> 00:11:55.800
Debra Ruh: You know, student citizen civics citizen, you know care about what's going on and be thoughtful learn it and we're global we're all global we got to know what's going on but.

00:11:56.160 --> 00:12:06.840
Debra Ruh: The other day, a storm came through, and it was really big storm and I said to Richard my partner, I said well you know this storm almost looks like a tropical storm or hurricane and he's like tempera.

00:12:07.290 --> 00:12:24.000
Debra Ruh: Do you know what is happening in our country and I didn't that's how much i've stepped out and i'm doing it because I do not know how to manage my life dealing what i'm dealing with with my husband, who now also has epilepsy, so I never know when he's going to go into seizures.

00:12:25.290 --> 00:12:31.710
Debra Ruh: yeah it's just so frightening and then, of course, I have my daughter with down syndrome here that i'm trying to protect so.

00:12:32.130 --> 00:12:35.520
Debra Ruh: This is what i'm choosing to do to try so and also.

00:12:35.970 --> 00:12:48.930
Debra Ruh: When things are happening in Afghanistan, an airport tonight there's nothing I can do about it but pray for the people, and you know so it's like I think we all we we were looking at an email that somebody sent us and.

00:12:49.230 --> 00:12:57.690
Debra Ruh: It was so cute because they were saying practice self care do this do this do this and I I think it's good advice we all have to do.

00:12:58.260 --> 00:13:13.410
Debra Ruh: We have to do self care, even if you become ignorant you don't even realize a hurricane is you know coming down on you or tornadoes but that I, you know I don't know how you're dealing with an Antonio, but I think judging each other, probably isn't going to help either, but.

00:13:16.080 --> 00:13:16.470
Debra Ruh: You know.

00:13:18.060 --> 00:13:30.540
Antonio Santos: I think you should know there's always this pressure and to be present and to be seen and somehow in the states that even it's even more than in other places.

00:13:31.530 --> 00:13:47.940
Antonio Santos: Around the world, and I think it's important not to let go a little bit otherwise, if you want to keep it to return, you might end up hurting yourself or the people or the people around you know.

00:13:48.900 --> 00:13:59.040
Antonio Santos: I think know Ben what you're saying and also more in observations I think one of the big outcomes of this is that.

00:14:00.120 --> 00:14:04.890
Antonio Santos: Everywhere around the world, we need to do more in at.

00:14:06.210 --> 00:14:15.060
Antonio Santos: The education level in in our in our sector some indication in healthcare in education in in in science, we need to do more.

00:14:15.420 --> 00:14:28.050
Antonio Santos: In those aspects, because obviously isn't is not working, and, as we know, some social networks have helped to spread a lot of missing information, so the issue is.

00:14:28.620 --> 00:14:47.490
Antonio Santos: Is that is not know the tools are there to work well, but they can be used well or badly so that's that's The thing that i've seen, so we need to know they work well to keep us connected, but we need to be very careful to make sure that they don't have the opposite effect in.

00:14:47.490 --> 00:14:48.090
Antonio Santos: our lives.

00:14:48.840 --> 00:14:51.870
Neil Milliken: yeah so, so this is this is really.

00:14:54.120 --> 00:15:01.200
Neil Milliken: A key thing and and even though I didn't really go anywhere.

00:15:02.430 --> 00:15:22.320
Neil Milliken: This time i've actually made a much more conscious effort to not do things during my holiday so previously, even though i've gone to remote places and I felt refreshed because I had a change of scene and it's sunshine and as poolside or eating ice creams and drinking cocktails and.

00:15:25.110 --> 00:15:30.450
Neil Milliken: This time I was driving from one soggy place in the rain to another soggy place God bless you Scotland.

00:15:31.830 --> 00:15:35.790
Neil Milliken: And Yorkshire and sorry everywhere rain.

00:15:38.370 --> 00:15:47.160
Neil Milliken: I did I didn't do what I normally do on holiday, which is sneak off and go and check my emails and respond to loads of stuff on on lots of.

00:15:47.580 --> 00:15:48.600
Neil Milliken: Social channels.

00:15:49.050 --> 00:15:53.670
Neil Milliken: So much, I did a little bit by actually caught myself a couple of times.

00:15:53.940 --> 00:15:54.960
Debra Ruh: and stopped.

00:15:55.890 --> 00:15:59.040
Neil Milliken: and put it away, and when you know i'm going to let it burn.

00:16:00.720 --> 00:16:11.010
Neil Milliken: Because one of the things that i've been found and I learned to tip as well in with teams because teams was driving me nuts.

00:16:11.790 --> 00:16:29.550
Neil Milliken: Because we're a really large organization and we've got teams and we're going to yammer integrated into teams and you can just get killed with notification so it's like really you know there's all of this stuff going on and and what I found.

00:16:29.580 --> 00:16:36.150
Neil Milliken: Was that on previous holidays teams would do this thing, where you have the APP on your phone.

00:16:37.410 --> 00:16:52.260
Neil Milliken: which I have which because it's useful, but when i'm on holiday, even though I have an out of office message What it does is say well neil's actually reachable so instead of having a big green have a hollow green circle.

00:16:53.820 --> 00:16:54.900
Neil Milliken: Which means the people.

00:16:54.900 --> 00:17:03.510
Neil Milliken: Still can get you and it's pinging you so so what was happening was the essentially the technology wasn't letting you go.

00:17:04.500 --> 00:17:16.290
Neil Milliken: So you have to sort of so what I learned was I actually changed my phone it's no good setting you're out of office, you have to actually I changed my status to appearing to being offline.

00:17:18.930 --> 00:17:30.030
Neil Milliken: And that way it solved it, because then people didn't get the signal from the technology saying actually it's fine you can grab him it doesn't matter that he's on holiday don't worry about the eighth of August and there's a.

00:17:30.510 --> 00:17:31.740
Neil Milliken: Little green light here.

00:17:33.780 --> 00:17:49.080
Neil Milliken: So so so so that was one of my tips for wellness is actually you know, make sure that you're you're shutting the Apps down properly or setting them up in such a way that people don't find you because I think that's really.

00:17:50.190 --> 00:17:53.100
Neil Milliken: You know, important to to be able to sort of.

00:17:55.050 --> 00:17:57.540
Neil Milliken: shut down and relax because.

00:17:59.190 --> 00:18:09.420
Neil Milliken: All you know all we're doing at the moment is responding to these these these signals and guess what our brain is also programmed to take the dopamine hit.

00:18:10.830 --> 00:18:15.990
Neil Milliken: Which i'm sure you're addicted to to come in and tell you the amount of time you spend on social media you.

00:18:19.080 --> 00:18:20.040
Antonio Santos: Have no.

00:18:21.300 --> 00:18:28.050
Antonio Santos: This is sometimes I get I get people asking Oh, can you just do this, can you were talking about small things.

00:18:28.470 --> 00:18:32.400
Antonio Santos: And you end up saying yes, I can, and then doesn't that look coming and you say yes again.

00:18:32.910 --> 00:18:40.770
Antonio Santos: And then suddenly eft people ask you things and you realize well if I need to do this it's a working day so.

00:18:41.790 --> 00:18:57.480
Antonio Santos: So I I did better at pushing back on those things and waiting for for for for coming back to working in order to in order to complete them, I think I did well on that matter, no better than before.

00:18:57.840 --> 00:19:10.170
Neil Milliken: yeah yeah, but we have all of these channels and, yes, I mean we still have some kind of a presence and it's it's difficult to to fully.

00:19:12.030 --> 00:19:15.270
Neil Milliken: escaped from it, but that is definitely.

00:19:17.940 --> 00:19:24.660
Neil Milliken: Something that we need to be more mindful of the other thing that I found that was interesting is that I have multiple.

00:19:25.830 --> 00:19:27.150
Neil Milliken: I have multiple accounts.

00:19:28.320 --> 00:19:38.640
Neil Milliken: Because I do think, though, though teams and 365 has this these these analytics reports.

00:19:39.570 --> 00:19:43.830
Neil Milliken: And I get conflicting reports from from the animals who's going.

00:19:44.190 --> 00:19:59.760
Neil Milliken: Your mental health must be brilliant because you've got no meetings and you do absolutely nothing, and then the other one guy I can't find any time for you to take any wellness at all, because your diary seems a bit full so, so I think that that.

00:20:00.840 --> 00:20:09.480
Neil Milliken: This this some awareness within the tech industry that they they need to do stuff so they're integrating things like.

00:20:11.970 --> 00:20:21.540
Neil Milliken: wellness Apps and or was it mindfulness there's a mindfulness that we can access to teams and other things, but.

00:20:23.280 --> 00:20:30.300
Neil Milliken: Some of it still on us to proactively sort of take that.

00:20:31.500 --> 00:20:37.680
Neil Milliken: step away and so on, both I think they need to make it easier to turn stuff off.

00:20:38.610 --> 00:20:49.830
Antonio Santos: know if if they are if they are able to resolve something for you to compliment others, and they have developed software that know where the ID system out to give me five that.

00:20:50.250 --> 00:20:54.300
Antonio Santos: They find the solution auto to do the same.

00:20:55.620 --> 00:21:04.920
Antonio Santos: When you are out, so I don't think it would be that hard you know, I think it also could be quite fun setting up some messages, where people that try to reach us on holidays.

00:21:05.310 --> 00:21:13.860
Antonio Santos: They just receive a message back telling you well try next next month, or something, it will be interesting to give me five that as well.

00:21:14.670 --> 00:21:16.620
Neil Milliken: yeah no absolutely.

00:21:19.230 --> 00:21:22.530
Neil Milliken: awesome setting up tips if you really wanted to get to the top of my.

00:21:23.550 --> 00:21:30.360
Neil Milliken: Life i've seen in Germany you've got permission to tell people that you're going to delete all your messages that arrived.

00:21:31.830 --> 00:21:37.110
Neil Milliken: Last year on leave, I think that that's that's interesting and diverse had a few wi fi problems.

00:21:37.950 --> 00:21:38.940
no great surprise.

00:21:40.440 --> 00:21:40.920
Neil Milliken: I know.

00:21:41.160 --> 00:21:51.270
Debra Ruh: Welcome to the United States, where 163 million people don't have access to high speed internet sorry i'm sorry I love my God I love my country.

00:21:53.070 --> 00:22:01.650
Debra Ruh: I love, my country, I look forward to my country, getting wi fi that works, I apologize it's just it's just sometimes my life so.

00:22:02.610 --> 00:22:05.760
Neil Milliken: Well, and we make it Nice, do you live in the boonies.

00:22:06.420 --> 00:22:12.810
Debra Ruh: I know it's very pretty in Virginia, where I live, but yeah we're struggling a bit with wi fi these days.

00:22:14.880 --> 00:22:20.670
Neil Milliken: Well, we were just talking about switching off, and I know you've got to switch off soon.

00:22:20.730 --> 00:22:22.320
Neil Milliken: Not just your wi fi but.

00:22:24.240 --> 00:22:24.570
Debra Ruh: Right.

00:22:26.550 --> 00:22:33.180
Neil Milliken: If you don't switch off you don't maintain the energy and you know we're about to hit silly season.

00:22:34.230 --> 00:22:45.510
Neil Milliken: Which is, you know that that block of about 10 weeks from mid September through to mid December, where the half of the year's work gets done.

00:22:46.500 --> 00:22:57.180
Debra Ruh: Right right, and you know we all do have to protect ourselves, we have to whatever whatever you need to do you know, whatever you need to do to make sure you're safe, because the intensity.

00:22:57.690 --> 00:23:01.260
Debra Ruh: Is it, you know it's just and you have to.

00:23:01.620 --> 00:23:07.530
Debra Ruh: You have to take the time to protect yourself, even if it means you don't know there's a hurricane barreling down in the States.

00:23:07.740 --> 00:23:18.690
Debra Ruh: But what can I do about these things, except panic and when we're afraid we're more vulnerable to getting sick we're more vulnerable to stress and anxiety and.

00:23:19.890 --> 00:23:30.300
Debra Ruh: yeah and of course we're also easier, not to get all you know you know ridiculous but we're also easier to control when we're afraid, so if.

00:23:30.990 --> 00:23:35.520
Debra Ruh: You know I just don't i'm so sorry but I don't trust the politicians, the leaders, the.

00:23:36.240 --> 00:23:44.490
Debra Ruh: The MEDIA I just don't believe that they always have my best interest in mind if they did, why can't you because there's actually some beautiful things happening in the world.

00:23:44.940 --> 00:23:53.280
Debra Ruh: there's a wonderful things happening, the world and we do need to address the bad things that are happening, but I think media should be more balanced than it is right now.

00:23:53.430 --> 00:23:53.910
Because it's.

00:23:55.740 --> 00:24:00.330
Neil Milliken: On that, I would recommend everyone go and subscribe to positive news.

00:24:01.170 --> 00:24:01.770

00:24:03.030 --> 00:24:03.510
Neil Milliken: Great.

00:24:04.530 --> 00:24:10.290
Neil Milliken: initiative to have a weekly email which which brightens up my Saturday.

00:24:11.610 --> 00:24:15.480
Neil Milliken: which tells you a number of things that have gone right in the world.

00:24:16.290 --> 00:24:16.620

00:24:17.880 --> 00:24:23.160
Debra Ruh: I think, and we featured them before, but I also think the BBC click up.

00:24:23.640 --> 00:24:33.600
Debra Ruh: I watched that religiously and I it always makes me feel good because I love, they did they do some very interesting obscured topics and I just always enjoy click up.

00:24:34.410 --> 00:24:38.400
Debra Ruh: Because there were actually some really beautiful things happening in the world, but.

00:24:39.000 --> 00:24:49.980
Debra Ruh: And I haven't watched every one of them, but it's the ones i've watched i've always been positive, I used to watch our 60 minutes which I love, but I just can't watch it right now, because the topics are just.

00:24:50.220 --> 00:24:50.790
Debra Ruh: Doing my thing.

00:24:52.500 --> 00:24:59.340
Neil Milliken: And that's why something like positive news is great, they have a magazine, but I mean it's just www dot positive news.

00:24:59.730 --> 00:25:02.370
Neil Milliken: That sign up for the newsletter because.

00:25:03.390 --> 00:25:06.180
Neil Milliken: There are good things happening as well and.

00:25:06.210 --> 00:25:22.410
Neil Milliken: it's nice to read about something positive so let's end on that note, we thank all of the positive people that continue to support, Microlink, Barclays Access and My clear Text for keeping this captioned and we'll see you on Tuesday.

00:25:23.250 --> 00:25:24.240
bye everyone.