Wellness Mastery for the Average Joe

Give the Most with What You Have

December 12, 2019 Justin Robinson Season 1 Episode 2
Wellness Mastery for the Average Joe
Give the Most with What You Have
Show Notes

Aaron has been a Crossfit coach and has experience in health and nutrition. He has a great, powerful mindset, and I’m going to find out how he created his successful mindset today.

Aaron grew up in Colorado, playing different sports based on the seasons. At 13, he was introduced to weight training from his soccer coach. The first time he sat on a bench, he was hooked! He noticed he was getting stronger on the field, and his body was looking better, which was a big confidence builder. As a result, he decided to weight train consistently. At 18, Aaron took his training to a new level when he chose to compete as a bodybuilder

He met his wife, a professional softball player. After they were dating for several months, Aaron has the opportunity to lead the speed, strength, and agility training at her brother’s professional sports facility. He fell in love with Crossfit when one of his student’s father introduced him to Crossfit in 2009. The first workout he tried was four rounds, and at about series two, Aaron’s body was taxed. One year later, he was certified in Crossfit.

Aaron had never really paid attention to nutrition until he realized how important proper nutrition was for recovery. He researched more about nutrition and the two most significant diets at the time: Paleo and Zone diets. Aaron tried the Zone diet with remarkable results after just one month. He reduced his recovery time post-workout from 20 minutes to less than five minutes.

His mother had passed away at a young age from diabetes, and his father also developed diabetes. He understood from his parents' experiences that he didn’t want to have the same poor quality of life, which motivated him more to eat with proper nutrition.

Aaron recommends the following books: 

Listen in to find out how Aaron’s coaches instilled encouragement to him at a young age, how you can win with the right mindset, and how Aaron encourages the clients he coaches.

Show Notes:

[01:52] Aaron Garcia is introduced and gives his background story.

[03:45] Aaron decides to take up professional body building and competing.

[06:04] He tried his first Crossfit training, which crushed him and he was hooked!

[10:30] A lesson Aaron learned from his mother.

[14:02] The culture inside of Crossfit and other training programs encourage positive mindset.

[17:16] Give the most with what you have, don’t focus on what you don’t have.

[19:52] How Aaron encourages his students to leave their troubles at the door.

[22:08] Books Aaron recommends.

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