Wellness Mastery for the Average Joe

Designed Nutrition with Brad and Christina Love

December 19, 2019 Brad and Christina Love Season 1 Episode 3
Wellness Mastery for the Average Joe
Designed Nutrition with Brad and Christina Love
Show Notes

Today I’m here with my special guests Brad and Christina Love, former owners of Crossfit 117 gym. Brad is a Crossfit Coach and CEO of Mach1Foods. Mach1Foods is a scientifically designed nutrition program that Brad and Christina created based on their clients’ needs. Christina is a registered dietician and has a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and leads nutrition workshops. We’ll talk about nutrition, nutrition tips, tactics, and what you need to know about proper nutrition.

Christina wanted to do more with her college career and decided to try out for her college track team as a walk-on. She made the cut, and this event started her journey into health and wellness. Christina talks about how you can “communicate through food” and why nutrition is such an essential factor if you want to stay fit and excel at your sport and in life.

Brad has always been athletic and competitive at sports from a young age. He started selling supplements in his early 20’s with a supplement company. Brad talks about his experience in high school football, not being able to take an opponent down because of his size. He realized that he needed better nutrition to gain muscle mass. Since then, Brad has worked with individuals and teams as a personal trainer, coach, and Crossfit coach.

Basic nutrition strategies Christina and Brad recommend:

  • Set SMART nutrition goals
  • Take small steps
  • Be consistent with your new change and your new goal
  • Find a nutrition plan which fits your lifestyle
  • Be consistent with your lean meats
  • Avoid sugar as much as possible

We will dig into what the next step should be for someone who is eating well and has proper nutrition. When should you work with a licensed dietician? How and what types of food should you eat based on your calorie burn? Dial-in the nutrients and find out what types of macronutrients should you use to burn fat more efficiently. Learn how you can take a genetics test to find out what you should be dialing in with your fitness and nutrition.

Show Notes:

[01:30] Christina introduces herself and gives some background about herself.

[03:26] Brad talks about his nutrition journey from a young age.

[05:35] Why Brad was hooked on Crossfit.

[07:30] Christina and Brad suggest basic nutrition strategies to follow. 

[11:08] Be consistent with your lean meat and avoid sugar.

[13:20] The next step after creating a good nutrition lifestyle.

[20:22] Mach1Foods and what Christina and Brad brings to the table.

[22:49] How Mach1Foods customizes their food for their clients.

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