Wellness Mastery for the Average Joe

Coaching and Basic Fitness Strategies with Whitney Enis

March 11, 2020 Justin Robinson
Wellness Mastery for the Average Joe
Coaching and Basic Fitness Strategies with Whitney Enis
Show Notes

In Episode 10, host Justin Robinson speaks with Whitney Enis, a coach at CrossFit Burleson who also coaches high school basketball and runs a freelance videography business. Listen to learn the basic fitness strategies Whitney recommends and hear her take on high school athletics.

Episode Highlights: 

Whitney Enis played high school basketball and continued playing in college. She eventually became the graduate assistant coach for her school’s basketball team. Whitney shares how much she enjoys seeing the kids she coaches enjoy the weight room and implementing her advice.

Whitney recommends buying a gym membership to add motivation to your fitness goals. She also recommends starting with small, achievable. She encourages high school athletes to play multiple sports to receive all the advantages of cross-training. 

At the end of today’s episode, Whitney tells us more about her videography business.

3 Key Points:

1.   Set small achievable goals when you start your own fitness journey.

2.   High school athletes don’t need to focus on just one sport all year long. They can take a break and still get a scholarship.

3. High school athletes can benefit from going to the gym instead of playing their sport exclusively. Time in the gym will improve their overall condition. 

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I never had anything really handed to me whenever I was playing.” – Whitney Enis
  • “If someone buys a membership and there's money involved, it's a better motivator to get you to go.” – Whitney Enis
  • “If you have really good condition and strength, then all the fundamentals are going to just be elevated to new heights." – Whitney Enis
  • “Start small and set goals that you can achieve.” – Whitney Enis
  • “You can't just come in the gym and goof off and expect to get better.” – Whitney Enis

Resources Mentioned:

  • Whitney Enis Videography Instagram
  • Whitney Enis Instagram
  • Text Whitney about (940) 210-8424