True North with Abby & Ryan

Abby & Ryan Talk About Talking About Politics

January 08, 2021 Abby & Ryan Season 1 Episode 47
True North with Abby & Ryan
Abby & Ryan Talk About Talking About Politics
Show Notes

Let's Get P'litical! That pun was so bad.

Step 1: Look in the Mirror

  • Consider your audience. Who are you talking to when you say political things? Are you saying it in a way that maximizes the odds that it will be heard?
  • Cognitive Bias is a bitch. Become aware of it, notice when you're doing it, and fucking stop it.
  • Blindly aligning to one side and vilifying the other is a problem, regardless of which side you're on.
  • Your position/opinion is based on the information/beliefs/values you hold, which are based on YOUR experiences. Dig deep enough to find where you and the other person overlap, and start there.
  • Pay attention to labels. How are you labeling the people on the other side? Would they label themselves that way? Are you dehumanizing them by making assumptions based on the camp they're in?
  • What outcomes are you attached to? Are you motivated to make them more like you? Are you afraid of becoming more like them? What if your only motivation was to show up as your best self throughout the conversation?

Step 2: Do the Work

  • Open with a question, and follow up with more questions.
  • Throw out labels and find a container you're both in.
  • Practice with the small stuff: safe intimate relationships. Your children and parents. Your friend group. Practice doing this work in those relationships, so that when they start burning shit down, you'll already be in the habit of prioritizing connection over winning.
  • What would you bring to a political conversation if stating/defending your position was off limits? Try that.

20:08 - The antidote to polarization is connection.
22:09 - Find the human behind the political position.
22:22 - 🥧 (that's a pie)
30:31 - Practice with the small things.
32:36 - Come at it with questions.
34:43 - Containers good; labels bad.
45:21 - Attachment to outcomes


  • Ryan is grateful that they've shared their gratitudes every week throughout 2020.
  • Abby is grateful for her Grams.