True North with Abby & Ryan

Crying, Forgiveness, Life is Practice

February 26, 2021 Abby & Ryan Season 1 Episode 54
True North with Abby & Ryan
Crying, Forgiveness, Life is Practice
Show Notes

Our interviewee from Episode 31, TONY ISLAS,  is joining our weekly member call on March 16, at 7pm CST just to shoot the shit with our Tribe members! EEK! Sign up between now and then if you wanna hang with him over Zoom for an hour. Doooo it.


Abby shares that she hasn't been crying lately (and that's not normal for her), and Ryan shares a story that led him to correlate emotional blockage/flow with creative blockage/flow - maybe there's a connection there. We think there most likely is.

Also, Abby shares another story about how the release that crying brings could open pathways to release grudges and pave the way to true forgiveness.

Also also, mind your past-tense verbiage (I've already learned this, I've already healed from this, I've already forgiven them, I've already grown to/past this point, etc.). Some things are states of being that you have to maintain, rather than switches you can flip.

Knowing that forgiveness is a state we have to choose to live in, we can hold space for others to navigate what it means to get to a place where they consistently choose to operate from a place of forgiveness towards us when we rupture and repair.

12:54 - What does it feel like when you're about to cry?
19:53 - TONY!!!
23:32 - Crying as a pathway to forgiveness
28:21 - Forgiveness - once and done, or a continuous process?
39:58 - Using past-tense language for present-tense states of being (healing, learning, growing, forgiving, etc.)


  • Abby is grateful for crying! It really has been a powerful force in her life.
  • Ryan is grateful for his friend (alias: "Mo") who is curious, safe, and an amazing listener.

The class Abby took:
Dr. Jayne Gardner, The Divine Intelligence Institute