True North with Abby & Ryan

4 Reasons to Keep Doing Your Thing (And 3 Reasons Not To)

April 02, 2021 Abby & Ryan Season 1 Episode 59
True North with Abby & Ryan
4 Reasons to Keep Doing Your Thing (And 3 Reasons Not To)
Show Notes

Reasons to do your thing:

  1. It brings you life.
  2. To elicit reactions, positive and negative
     - NOT to help you hone your content based on the feedback.
     - BUT to help you decide how much weight feedback should have. (Marcus Aurelius)
  3. You have to get through the shit to get to the gold. (quantity over quality)
  4. You’ll discover yourself in ways you couldn’t without it.

Reasons to stop:

  1. When the work is complete (this also applies to relationships).
  2. When it FEELS like work (burnout).
     - NOT “if something feels like work, stop."
     - BUT “if the thing you do specifically because it’s a life-bringer starts to feel like a life-drainer, pause to reevaluate”:
          • What’s life-giving about it? Can you transpose that into a less draining activity?
          • When did it become not that? What entered the picture that stole the life? (usually money)
          • Maybe you need to set boundaries around the thing?
          • Maybe clarify your compass? Is it really life-giving?
  3. If it becomes unsustainable - no room in your life for it?
     - Ask why it’s so hard to prioritize. Is it that important to you? Really?
     - In order for self-care to be valued, your self must be valued. You must believe YOU are a thing worth cultivating at the expense of you cultivating other people. If you’re not there yet, your passion will always be a side gig and dispensable; it should be an integrated, cornerstone-level part of the life you design for yourself.

Other things to note:

  • You don’t have to do it professionally for it to be a valid use of your time.
  • You don’t owe anyone your gifts.
  • You don’t have to get “good at” it (who decides that anyway?).


  • Ryan is grateful for the people in his life whose feedback he highly regards.
  • Abby is grateful for her kid's school (and the fact that she listened to her body about deciding to enroll him)

10:22 - Flow
15:15 - It brings you life
17:16 - Getting feedback
22:27 - Quantity over quality
25:07 - Self discovery
29:07 - Accepting when the work is complete
33:34 - Burnout
39:04 - Making room in your life for your passion
46:23 - Misconceptions (externally imposed shoulds)