True North with Abby & Ryan

Emotional Maturity

September 03, 2021 Abby & Ryan Season 2 Episode 3
True North with Abby & Ryan
Emotional Maturity
Show Notes

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In this episode, we dig into what emotional maturity means, and venture into discussing emotional regulation and relationship dynamics.

  • Do you come from a place of victimhood or empowerment?
  • Do you own your own shit?
  • Do you own other people's shit?
  • Are you in the habit of being aware of your emotional situation?

When someone triggers you:

  1. Own that the fact that YOU'RE offended has everything to do with YOU (someone else could've experienced the exact same thing and not been offended). You can do that work with yourself without any participation/requirement from them.
  2. Understand that if they MEANT to hurt you, they have their own wounds that THEY need to heal. They can do that work with themselves with no participation/requirement from you.
  3. You can each be a part of each other's healing process IF you are BOTH willing AND able.

If you want to know what you're here to learn, look at what your parents suck at.


  • Ryan is grateful for BECCA CHOATE
  • Abby is grateful that her sister Sarah is in town!!

1:27 - Abby's on TikTok!
4:34 - Q: What does "Emotional Maturity" mean to you?
24:35 - Emotional Regulation
37:14 - Real-life examples