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Britta Cox shares her secrets to building AQUIS & selling millions of units each year (after 31 years in the game)

October 12, 2021 Female Startup Club Season 1 Episode 223
Female Startup Club
Britta Cox shares her secrets to building AQUIS & selling millions of units each year (after 31 years in the game)
Show Notes

Today we’re learning from Britta Cox who is the founder behind a brand I am sure you’ve heard about - AQUIS. She started this brand in 1990 which makes it almost as old as me and she’s still showing up everyday as excited as ever to learn and expand and grow which is truly something special to see. 
We’re talking through her journey in the early years when she was literally faxing her manufacturing company and taking out ads in the newspaper to sell her products through to today being a brand that’s partnered with folks like Kourtney Kardashian. I think we can all take some key insights and learnings from Britta’s laser focus on building this brand, her resilience and approach to keep building this company and what she would do differently if she were starting this thing again tomorrow. 

To rewind a little bit: Britta felt like her hair routine was holding her back instead of helping her. Her haircare routine meant tons of time wasted washing her hair and waiting forever while it dried. She didn’t want rough terry towels that cause breakage and she also didn’t want to wait hours for her to air dry or be damp enough to blow-dry. That all changed when she had her aha! moment, taking note of the high-performance fabrics found in ski wear that rapidly wick away moisture to keep skiers dry. From that inspiration, Britta developed the first AQUIS hair towel. It was lightweight and easy to use, with a proprietary microfiber called AQUITEX™ that rapidly wicks water away from hair. She had found her time-saving solution. This innovation led to the original hair turban shape. 20 years later, with a full line of Rapid Dry Hair Wraps and Towels selling over a million units every year, AQUIS continues to champion the message that less is more for hair—focusing on hair when it’s at its weakest (when it’s wet) to protect vulnerable strands and lock in strength. 


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