PQS Quality Corner Show

Unpacking Full Year Performance Data for 2023 in EQUIPP

February 13, 2024 PQS Season 5 Episode 2
Unpacking Full Year Performance Data for 2023 in EQUIPP
PQS Quality Corner Show
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PQS Quality Corner Show
Unpacking Full Year Performance Data for 2023 in EQUIPP
Feb 13, 2024 Season 5 Episode 2

PQS Senior Manager of Pharmacy Training and Support, Brittany Boyd, returns to the Quality Corner show to help unpack the full year of performance data for 2023 in EQUIPP that is available with the 2024 February EQUIPP Refresh. 

Boyd talks with Quality Corner Show Host and PQS Associate Director of Pharmacy Accounts, Nick Dorich, about what pharmacies can do with the full year performance data, where to start, and best tips in reviewing this information. She also promotes a team effort mentality on how pharmacies can engage their staff in working together in EQUIPP.

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PQS Senior Manager of Pharmacy Training and Support, Brittany Boyd, returns to the Quality Corner show to help unpack the full year of performance data for 2023 in EQUIPP that is available with the 2024 February EQUIPP Refresh. 

Boyd talks with Quality Corner Show Host and PQS Associate Director of Pharmacy Accounts, Nick Dorich, about what pharmacies can do with the full year performance data, where to start, and best tips in reviewing this information. She also promotes a team effort mentality on how pharmacies can engage their staff in working together in EQUIPP.

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Brittany Boyd

To Nick’s point, right? If you have a patient, Joe Smith, that didn't quite hit his performance goals or didn't quite hit that adherence metric by the year end for 2023, what can we do to help him in 2024? And so. Patient engagement. Patient engagement. Patient engagement. I can't stress that any further.


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Welcome to the Pharmacy Quality Solutions Quality Corner show where quality measurement leads to better patient outcomes. This show will be your go to source for all things related to quality improvement and medications and health care. We will hit on trending topics as they relate to performance measurements and find common ground for payers and practitioners. We will discuss how the platform can help you with your performance goals.

We will also make sure to keep you up to date on pharmacy quality news. Please note that the topics discussed are based on the information available at the date and time of reporting information or guidelines are updated periodically and we will always recommend that our listeners research and review any guidelines that are newly published. Buckle up and put your thinking cap on.

The Quality Corner show starts now.


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Nick Dorich

Hello Quality Corner Show listeners. Welcome to the PQS podcast where we focus on medication, use, quality improvement and how we can utilize pharmacists to improve patient health outcomes. I'm your host, Nick Dorich. So at the time of the recording and release of this episode, we are in February 2024, which is a very big time for us here at PQS and with the EQUIPP platform as pharmacies and health plans are going to be reviewing their 2023 end of year results.


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But this is an important time not just to look back at 2023 and what happened, but also to consider how you can use this information to gameplan for this new 2024 calendar year. So for today's episode, in today's show, I'm bringing on one of my teammates here at PQS, Brittney Boyd. You've heard her on this show before. You probably heard her already in the intro to this episode, but I'm pleased to have Brittany on the episode today so we can talk through how pharmacies in particular can utilize this information to make the most of the 2024 year.


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So further ado, Brittany, welcome to the show and how are you today?


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Hey Nick I’m doing pretty good. Thank you for having me today. I'm excited to be back on the podcast to talk about the 2024 EQUIPP February refresh, which is going to dive into 2023 performance data. I'll just give everyone a quick overview of myself for those who have not been interested, introduced to me previously. I've been with us for almost six years now.


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We've been working primarily in quality and strategic performance improvement for our pharmacy partners, mainly on the independent side. All of the educational videos that you may have seen on the EQUIPP platform, our webinars that we do monthly, I'm usually your girl that's on there, so I'm sure you've heard my voice before or even seen my face. So I'm excited to be able to review the data with you guys or information with you guys today on the data in the EQUIPP platform.

So thank you Nick


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Yeah, absolutely. And if you haven't seen or heard from Brittany and some of our webinars or videos or educational material, now is not too late. Make sure you get on that information and start to review it now, because it is it is still early in 2024 and we'll get into this in just a moment, but it's early in the year.


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But for pharmacies that really want to be those top performers, best improvers to make the most of this information and data, you're already kind of behind the ball a little bit. But Brittany is going to help you, whether it's today's podcast or through the other educational materials webinars that we do monthly. Brittany will be here to help you get started.


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So, Brittany, we're going to pause just for a moment and our audience is actually going to hear a quick message from you and from the rest of us. But we'll hear that message and then we'll jump into today's questions.


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Now it's time for the breakdown. As Quality Corner show host Nick asks three main topic questions, our guests will have a chance to respond and there will be some discussion to summarize the key points This process will repeat for the second and third questions, which will wrap up the primary content for this recording. After that, expect to end on a closing summary, usually containing a bonus question.


Now that we've described the process, let's jump into the questions.


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All right, Britney, we are back and ready to jump into the questions for today. So I've got a couple of ideas that I want us to expand upon and already mentioned that with this month's EQUIPP refresh, pharmacies and payers can now look at 2023 full year calendar performance. So what's really the importance of this of this refresh? Yes, it is the full 2023 year.

But from a practical standpoint, what does that mean for pharmacies? What should they do with this information? Now?


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It's a great question, Nick. And what we've reiterated over the years and consistently is that when the February refresh comes around, now that you said not only just as the year 2023 data, but for you to understand what you need to prioritize and put into action for the current plan year that you're in. So you're going to review this information in EQUIPP and you do have the two data periods that are available to you.


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So the year to date and those six month periods. And we again encourage you to strive to look at that year to date performance, see where on those blue graphs on the main page of the EQUIPP dashboard, see where that graph starts to dip off it. Right. So that you can maybe make a better plan for 2024 to be able to say, if I know that my scores for my adherence measure start to go down between the summer months, what other actions can I take now to engage with my patients to actually ensure that that score, you know, levels out a little bit?


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We know that patient behavior will more than likely bring your score down. And we look at a May comparison when we're looking at the January to March time frame versus when we do look at year end data. But that's not to discourage you. It should be to encourage you. There is some financial implications that are also tied back to that year end data performance.


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And so being able to track your performance month over month and honestly week over week when you can see your patient information is going to be able to help you build that, build that momentum for success in 2024. There's also the data in my programs and the QIP table, which we have reviewed quite a few times, that you can continue to track back and understand.


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So in that my programs page, if you are contracted with any of the health plans, they are going to display for you that financial data and understand where your performance scores meet those metrics in order for you to earn some dollars back for revenue, we want you to see that information and you can get to there from the navigation bar on the left hand side of the page and EQUIPP, the QIP table you can navigate to by selecting the name of a measure going into the measure performance screen and scrolling further down to the bottom where you can actually see where those health plans are listed, it is automatically cascaded for you by highest patient


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volume to lowest, because working with those patients that are in the health plans that have working with the patients that are most attributed to that top health plan is going to ultimately help you impact your overall score, but then also help you to understand where are the performance goals that are attached to some of these health plans. And that information can be found there for you in that QIP table.


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So there's a lot of information to drill into in a quick Nick, when we think about the 2023 data to review. But also a lot of this information will really help you build that plan for success for the 2024 year.


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One of the things that I'll note here, Brittany, is there's an old saying that right, that prior performance predicts future status. So this is a very important item here because, hey, going and reviewing last year's information. Yes, it was last year. But if we're able to review that that information, that may give us a sense of which patients were very close to being adherent.


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So, for example, if you've got a patient like Joe Smith that's in a key program that you want to review, if Joe finished the 2023 year at 78% for, let's say, their statin adherence, that's a patient that should be highlighted for interventions from the pharmacy team as you go throughout the course of the year. So, yes, for 2023, Joe may have been at 78%, but for 2024, we want Joe at a higher number than that.


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Right. So that really becomes the key detail into looking at well, hey, where were the opportunities, where were the patients that really need to have those interventions from? Maybe it's prompts from the pharmacy technician about some adherence or compliance packaging or refill reminders. Maybe they need to have a conversation specifically with the pharmacist around side effects for medication.


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Or maybe it may be cost related, but needing to have that information is really the first key aspect. Now, Brittany, we're going to transition to our next question. And when it comes to looking at EQUIPP information and the performance details, there's a lot of information that's included there. When you and I meet with pharmacies at tradeshows and throughout the summer, that's one of the biggest questions that we hear from pharmacies is, well, how do I review all of this information?


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Because there's a lot of it, there's a lot of data points, but there are absolutely differences between how top performers or best adopters of this information utilize it and really set a strategic plan so that they're able to go in that they're not going to spend the entirety of their day using this information, but they're able to go and get the information they need and really put this information and data into action.


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So can you share some of those, you know, best tips or what are the best or top performers doing that maybe other pharmacies can learn from?


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Absolutely. Nick, you are correct. We hear very often from our end users and from pharmacies directly of there's so much in here, or when I log in, I don't really know where I'm supposed to navigate to or what to do. A lot of that. Again, as I mentioned previously, it's about prioritizing your efforts. You know, what is it that is actually expected of you if you are an independent, you know, from the contracting that your PSA would have done, what have they explained to you through your medi guide of what health plans you are expecting to perform?


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Well on? And then overall, are there any of your own internal goals and metrics that you would have designed that you're attempting to achieve the next point, right, If you have a patient, Joe Smith, that didn't quite hit his performance goals or didn't quite hit that adherence metric by the year end for 2023, what can we do to help him in 2024?

And so patient engagement, patient engagement, patient engagement, I can't stress that any further. Your performance scores that are in EQUIPP, it is based on pharmacy adjudicated claims data only. And so for those claims that are being submitted or not being submitted, it's ultimately what's going to impact your performance score. And so you can see that when reviewing 2023 information, but you can also utilize this to help really form fit what your plan is going to be for 2024.


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And so when you're setting up that plan and you're thinking about your patients that are attributed to every measure, I encourage you to review your patients page. Your all patients view and EQUIPP will allow for you to actually see every patient that you would have had data for in the 2023 year. Every measure they would have been attributed to.


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You can very clearly see that. And again, they are also arranged by patients with the most measures that are attributed to down to the least. And so what this will do for you is say, hey, if Joe Smith is attributed to five different measures and I know I need to get Joe on a medicine program or I know I need to work with him a little bit closer, or I know that I need to set something up to help him understand.


00:11:01:23 - 00:11:30:02

Maybe it's even reaching back out to his provider, right, to help set that plan up. And so now you have a community and a team effort as far as what you're going to do to help this patient. The patient could then also be tied back to, again, other health plan programs that do have a financial implication. So, for example, if Joe Smith is a part of one of those programs that are in the my programs page of EQUIPP, or if you're looking and reviewing their patient record and you see designations that are tied to them, for another, they may be a bonus outlier, right?


00:11:30:02 - 00:11:52:13

They may also be or be eligible for a low income subsidy where they can get a 90 day supply at the cost of a 30 day supply. So educating yourself on what those components are per patient can ultimately lead to success in that. And we've given it to you before the payment method, plan, act, check it, engage. So make the plan with your entire team to know again, what are our priorities here?


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What health plans are we really up against this year and where can we get our revenue from? So what's going to be the action then? You're going to go into EQUIPP. You're not just going to review the scores and then log out rate. I want you to take 15 minutes once a month mid-month to review that information. There's even some patient data that's updated to you weekly, but let's say your staff is short.


00:12:10:14 - 00:12:29:03

You're just really kind of gripped for time mid-month every month. We are striving right now for the EQUIPP refresh to happen the second Friday of every month. And so we've gotten kind of close to that. But again, our EQUIPP refresh notices will let you know the exact date of when that information will go live. So there's no need for you to question as to whether or not that information is going to be available and when you can see it.


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Speaker 1

But again, even if it's not a quick refresh date, you could still go in there and be actionable and understand what your previous data was. Again, to go along with the action for the year and then checking again, going back in mid-month every month, going back in every week to see what new patients may be attributed. Logging in to understand, you know, where your financials going to in the “my programs” page and then ultimately engaging it's the last piece of that piece method engage with your patients they are going to be the core momentum for really getting your performance for somewhere, hitting those achievement and achieving those performance goals that you would have set for yourself and ultimately introducing some additional revenue to your pharmacy for that engagement.


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Great message, Brittany. And the part that I'll reinforce is that it's a quote that I have a friend and mentor that often references for me, It's work smarter, not more. And that really is the key aspect that I think the top performers with EQUIPP how they best utilize this information. You mentioned that you referenced it for the pharmacies that are going in.


00:13:29:23 - 00:13:46:09

It's going in for really just once a month to check those performance scores and then as needed, if you have current or weekly opportunities that are updated. But when you go into that dashboard, it doesn't really need to be more than a 15 minute visit into the into the EQUIPP dashboard if you know what payer programs should be.


00:13:46:09 - 00:14:04:23


Your focus and some of those contractual items. So this is not something that takes all day. It's not something that takes multiple weeks. It's quick in and out. And the other aspect of it that I will add is that for many pharmacies, this is something that can be delegated as a task. So this doesn't necessarily need to be the pharmacy manager or even a pharmacist necessarily.


00:14:05:03 - 00:14:22:24

If you've got a technician on your staff. And we know that most pharmacies have a superstar technician, this is something where really empower them to lead the way on these efforts. So that's the last point I'll make on that, Britney. Let's go to our third question for today. And actually this this works perfectly as a segue way.


00:14:23:01 - 00:14:40:16

You know, when it comes to this information, how do pharmacies how should pharmacies engage or empower their staff? This is something that it can be done but doesn't have to be done by the pharmacies. There are certain aspects of the patient pharmacy relationship when it comes to clinical matters, but that has to be done by the pharmacist, not the technician.


00:14:40:21 - 00:14:47:23

But how can a team, you know, leverage all of their staff members? What are the things that they should have in place before they really start to dive into this information?


00:14:48:00 - 00:15:12:12


Yeah, as you mentioned, Nick, it's to work smarter, not more. And so your pharmacies are communities not just for your patients and not just for their family members before the providers that you work with. It is a community effort. And so that's exactly what we want you to do with EQUIPP. We've made the notion to make sure that you're establishing a quality champion, and that's actually a really important factor that someone really just to hold you accountable, right?


00:15:12:18 - 00:15:41:13

You have an accountability partner in your personal life if you're going to the gym or if you're trying to eat right, you have that person that's going to do those check ins with you. And so you should still establish a quality champion that's going to say, hey, did we actually log into EQUIPP this? We have we checked off you know, maybe you had some list of items you wanted to make sure that you work through in the EQUIPP platform or just whatever your priorities may have been for that is that person does need to be there as an accountability partner, but it really should be a group effort the same way that you may have a community health worker that actually goes out and delivers medication to the home or they're working there or, you know, stocking things in the pharmacy. Again, you're still a member of the pharmacy staff in Stephanie Hale has actually been on previously, like Nick mentioned, to talk about pharmacy technicians and how they can have a very strong role also in performance improvement and patient engagement.


00:16:01:18 - 00:16:17:09


And again, it's not going to be just for looking at the data in EQUIPP or reviewing where your performance went. The other step to that is the Enhanced Services programs that are offered to you in the EQUIPP platform. Again, it needs to it's like raising a child, honestly. It takes a village, right? And so in services, it's going to take a village.


00:16:17:11 - 00:16:34:15

Speaker 1

There's going to be a lot of information that's going to come here in 2024 with the Enhanced Services programs. And we will give you those details as they are made available to you. But use your village to impact and to engage with those patients not only in the Enhanced Services page, but throughout every measure that they may be attributed to in the pharmacy.


00:16:34:15 - 00:16:56:16

So making sure that we are continuously prioritizing our efforts and understanding what those are and achieving set goals and making it a constant thing. Right. We know every like make it a routine every morning, you know, you're going to get up, wash your face, brush your teeth, make your coffee and get your day started. Right. And so make that a check off to do every Friday when you get into the pharmacy.


00:16:56:16 - 00:17:18:02

Right. We're going to open we're going to set up the first things that need to be done at your pharmacy and maybe in those top five things. Checking EQUIPP is one of those items. Again, it does not have to be a strenuous process. We're not asking you to spend a lot of time in doing it right. But again, if it's a community effort, then it doesn't feel like it's relying on just your pharmacist to complete it or just the pharmacy owner to actually go in.


00:17:18:02 - 00:17:43:07

And the onus is now on the entire staff. And so you all are there already to take care of your patients. So why not take it a little bit further and make some money while you do it? So there's a lot of possibility and opportunity open for that in 2024 through the EQUIPP platform. And we want you to make sure that you're incorporating it in a continuous process now so that when those opportunities do open and they are made available, you can take home even more of them earlier in the year, rather than later in the year.


00:17:43:13 - 00:18:00:04

And then ultimately, when you go back and you review where 2025 went, well, you can be able to say, Hey, I actually started enforcing these things in February. In March of last year, and I can now see the fruits of that labor. And so we want you to incorporate those things, keep your priorities first, engage with your patients and know that anything is possible.


00:18:00:04 - 00:18:03:11

Changes that happen over time, but it is achievable.


00:18:03:13 - 00:18:18:21


Great call outs Brittany and a couple of things that I'll note here based on the conversations we've had with pharmacies over the years, this is again continuous and the example that I give with this is, yes, you may have done an adherence intervention or some other work with a patient a month ago or three months ago, but a lot can change.


00:18:18:21 - 00:18:40:09

I'll just use a personal example of myself where in December it was a pretty busy month. I ended up in the emergency room. There was a big holiday, which comes with a lot of cost and then also came up, came down with the respiratory disease. Right. If I was one of these Medicare patients that you were working with as a pharmacist for adherence initiatives, any one of those three things or all of them together certainly could have impacted my adherence.


00:18:40:09 - 00:18:56:23

And if you're not having that follow up with that patient to see, hey, what is the change or what is going on, what is impacting medication use, hey, do any of these things impact or change your dosage or cause side effects, or do they prevent you from being able to purchase your medication this month? Any of those things can have an impact.


00:18:56:23 - 00:19:17:08

So that's just an example of why this needs to be really a continuous item. And then the other aspect of it is as more of these services start to become available, this is where it's going to be very important for pharmacy staff to work through for them, because some of these Enhanced Services that you mentioned, they may have a specific timeline or date by which they need to occur.


00:19:17:11 - 00:19:33:20

So that becomes very important. Don't let those opportunities pass you by because you did not you did not see them or did not see them the first time around. So definitely take advantage here, be engaged with the communications or have your pharmacy team member that is the champion. This does not need to be a one person show doing all the work.


00:19:33:24 - 00:19:46:05

Really utilize your entire team for this. We win as a team. We lose as a team. But I think pharmacy is very much in a position where we can be winners in 2024 as it goes to these programs. So, Brittany, any final words here before we get to our wrap up.


00:19:46:07 - 00:20:05:09


Yeah Nick, like you mentioned, it is a team effort. It's a group effort. Some of our hand services will have multiple touch points. And so I just want to call out how do you stay informed about this information, right? So making sure that you are subscribed to the refresh notices when they go out, other speakers and EQUIPP newsletters as they become available.


00:20:05:11 - 00:20:31:04

Our YouTube page. You can go there and continue to watch those educational videos. If you may have new staff members that are on board actually reach out to our support team. We are happy to do a new user orientation for you as well. If you have never been introduced to the platform and you want to understand how to actually utilize it, go right into knowledge base, into your support area, the top left corner of your EQUIPP dashboard, you can send us a message directly and say, Hey, I really just need to understand what I'm looking at and how to get through it.


00:20:31:04 - 00:20:44:17


We want to be able to help you. We are here as a resource, and so you want to be able to strive for the best and be able to work with your patients in a continuous improvement efforts. And so if you ever need to do a check in, we're here to be able to offer a resource to you.


00:20:44:19 - 00:21:08:00


So just again, continue to stay informed, be there for our webinars, continue to subscribe to all of our platforms where we access the podcast on LinkedIn and everywhere else where we have our information. And on the YouTube page in our video. So we're excited for the year. Nick I think there's a lot of opportunities honestly, out there for pharmacies in 2024, especially when it comes to Enhanced Services.


00:21:08:02 - 00:21:29:00

But just continuing to reiterate that performance still matters. We know that the plan here looks different, especially as it relates to the fees, and it's quite challenging. But again, like I mentioned, it's not it's not not attainable. You can do it. You just have to have a positive mindset, know what your priorities are, know where your goals you want to achieve, set a plan and make it happen.


00:21:29:02 - 00:21:50:16


There we go. Appreciate those final words of confirmation and aspiration there for the pharmacies. Brittany. Now we'll get to end of our show and these are questions that are meant to be a little bit fun, lighthearted for our for our guests. Some of them are going to relate to pharmacy. And I know you've listened to some of our past episodes, So these are you've got a little bit of a head start, I think, and expecting what they're going to be.


00:21:50:22 - 00:22:10:23


But first question here for you and for those that don't know, Brittany, you are a pharmacy technician or a certified pharmacy and you have spent time working as a pharmacy technician in pharmacy settings as well. But what is your whether it was that experience or with your day job now at PQS, what is your favorite thing about working in the pharmacy profession?


00:22:11:00 - 00:22:39:19


Honestly, make the patients it is so inspiring and enlightening to, you know, be able to offer some type of assistance to help a patient meet their quality of life that I enjoy the very best. And so I've worked previously in a compounding pharmacy, in a specialty pharmacy, primarily with cancer patients. I've worked in the hospitals. So I had a plethora, honestly, of pharmacy experience in here.


00:22:39:21 - 00:22:57:18


Being at PQS allows me to not necessarily have so much patient engagement, but it allows me to impact how patients can be engaged with in the pharmacy. And so just being able to help them achieve their, you know, their greatest quality of life is probably my favorite thing about it.


00:22:57:20 - 00:23:16:13


Great answer. Love it. I think that's a very common answer. Is the patient part of it for for people? But it's always such a treat for me to hear how people explain, you know, their interest or their love of that aspect, because it is all unique. We all have our own unique stories and experiences that really brought a smile to our face or reaffirmed why it is that we do what we do.


00:23:16:15 - 00:23:32:02


Next question for you, Britney. And this could be either the day job here or it could be in the consideration of your past experience working in a pharmacy. But if you could have one fictional character as a coworker with you in the pharmacy, who would it be?


00:23:32:04 - 00:24:02:08


man. A fictional character. And I'm going to say Jessica Rabbit. And I know everybody is like, Why would that be the character? But here's why, right? It is an attraction, right? Like once you see something that's like eye catching and can be like engaging that can like start a conversation. So if we were like in a community pharmacy and there was like Jessica Rabbit literally standing out front, like handing out pamphlets about, you know, Medicare improvement or, you know, do you get your medications?


00:24:02:08 - 00:24:20:14

Do you need a flu shot? I can guarantee you it would probably embark on a lot of people showing up, give you a lot of laughs, too, because I'm sure Jessica Rabbit would then bring Roger Rabbit and other people may show up with her after the fact. So I think that would actually be the fictional character I'd like to work with.


00:24:20:15 - 00:24:21:07

It'd be entertaining.


00:24:21:07 - 00:24:31:12


Yeah, great answer. Next question, Britney. And I think I know which direction you're going to head in this, but what is your recommendation for living a healthy life?


00:24:31:14 - 00:24:50:22


I think you know what I'm going to say, Step. Alongside PQS, I'm also an extreme hip hop step instructor. It's it's step aerobics. It's like jazzercise. But to all hip hop music, honestly and with a step board. So I do teach twice a week. And I also do it myself on my own at least three times a week if I can.


00:24:50:24 - 00:25:14:17


It is a release. It's a complete separation from anything else that I do outside of wife, Mom, PQS life, and so I thoroughly enjoy it. I would encourage you just to keep your body moving in any way that works for you. I know some folks have taken up like pickleball. You may already have a gym routine that you do, but just making sure that you prioritize some type of self-care and that is in moving your body.

I recommend that for everybody.


00:25:16:22 - 00:25:37:20


For those attending Brittney's step classes, in light of recent events with the Super Bowl, I'm expecting that there's going to be a large increase in Usher songs that that may be included as part of the routine. But Brittney, final question for you. What reality show or competition would you be most interested to appear on as a guest?


00:25:37:22 - 00:26:03:15


So most people here peak us know this, but at one point I was being considered for Guy’s Grocery Games. I did not get selected, but you know, still a little more heartache about that. Back to guys. But I won't I won't hold it against them. I would do it again outside of wife mom PQS life and step I love to cook and so being on a cooking competition show, I would love to do guys grocery games would be really cool.


00:26:03:20 - 00:26:14:22

But honestly, any one of them except for like MasterChef or like, next level chef, like, I'm not that good, but like, you know, we keep it pretty domestic. I think I could do you guys grocery games and do really well.


00:26:14:24 - 00:26:32:22


Yeah, I have Britney as Britney has brought food, baked goods, various items into the office. In her experience, I can attest to her being quite the exquisite chef as well. So, Britney, great answer there. I look forward to seeing you on one of those shows in the future, because I do expect that to happen. I know you'll manifest that intake distance here at some point.


00:26:32:22 - 00:26:33:06


I will.

Thank you, Nick.


00:26:34:16 - 00:26:47:16


Brittany, Before we wrap up here, just I know you spoke about it before, but can you give us just a quick update or confirm if people have questions about EQUIPP more information, Where can they go? Who should they contact here to learn more?


00:26:47:18 - 00:27:07:17


Absolutely. So support that pharmacyquality.com is the exact web page to knowledge base. You can also get to it by clicking the support widget in the top left corner of your equip page as well. And it will take you there. You can submit a request to us. It is the very first tile as soon as you get into the knowledge based page and you can submit that form, let us know what your questions are.


00:27:07:17 - 00:27:23:09


Did you maybe forget your password? Do you not know what your username is and you need it? Or do you also already know those things? And you're just like, Hey, I just need a redo. I just need an update of what's going on. I also encourage you to join our webinars that we have mid-month every month. Usually the third Wednesday at 2:00 is usually when they are.


00:27:23:13 - 00:27:36:21


And so those have a plethora of information as well as they relate to the EQUIPP, refresh data in EQUIPP and just other engagement opportunities that you may be up for in your pharmacy. So those would be the two methods that I encourage you to utilize when wanting to connect with us.


00:27:36:23 - 00:27:54:07


Absolutely. Well, Brittany, thank you. And I hope that folks take you up on your offer here to join for the upcoming webinar so they can see and hear more from you, from Connor, from Stephanie. All the members of our team that have been engaged, it becomes just a rotating crew of fantastic people with new information to provide each month.


00:27:54:07 - 00:28:16:08


So definitely look for those announcements and check them out. Brittany will give you more information, updated information and better ways to utilize this data. So with that, we've now wrapped up this episode of The Quality Corner Show. So on behalf of us, I thank you for joining us today and I hope you listen to our next episode. Before we go, we have one final message from the PQS.


00:28:16:10 - 00:28:37:24


The Pharmacy Quality Solutions Quality Corner show has a request for you. Our goal is to spread the word about how quality measurement can help improve health outcomes. And we need your help in sharing this podcast to friends and colleagues in the healthcare industry. We also want you to provide feedback, ask those questions and suggest health topics you'd like to see covered.


00:28:38:01 - 00:29:00:04

If you are a health expert and you want to contribute to the show or even talk on the show, please contact us. You can email info at pharmacy quality dot com. Let us know what is on your mind, what we can address so that you are fully informed. We want you to be able to provide the best care for your patients and members, and we wish all of you listeners out there well.


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