PQS Quality Corner Show
Providing Inclusive Care for the LGBTQ+ Community
Providing Inclusive Care for the LGBTQ+ Community 37:16 Interview Highlights from the 2022 PQA Annual Meeting 43:35 How Pharmacists Can Utilize PQA’s Social Determinants of Health Resource Guide 23:06 Pharmacist Provided Education for Patients with Asthma 20:43 Student Pharmacists Discuss Public Health Advocacy 27:18 Increasing Quality Outcomes through Patient-First Communication 26:55 How Opioid Measures Work: Concurrent Use of Opioids and BZDs 40:05 Provider Education and Opioid Use Disorder 25:25 Pharmacist’s Role in Respiratory Health 31:07 STEADI-Rx: A Pharmacist’s Guide to Fall Prevention 33:52 Deprescribing Considerations and the Geriatric Population 32:05 Leading Successful Change Implementation in the Pharmacy 42:08 Expanding Patient Care with Pharmacist Prescribing 30:29 Implementing the Appointment-Based Model 32:48 Expanding Blood Pressure Screenings and Management in Pharmacy 34:56 Medication Treatment Plans for Managing Hypertension 26:52 How Pharmacists Help Patients Manage Hypertension 29:21 Diabetes and Pain Management (Available for CE) 38:28 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (Available for CE) 31:38 Developing Your 2022 EQUIPP® Action Plan 24:39 Why Pharmacists Should Consider Career Coaching 29:43 An Introduction to the 340B Program 28:04 The 2021 PQS Trend Report in Pharmacy Quality 36:56 Mobile Integrated Health and Pharmacist Engagement 33:16 Trends in Pharmacy Services 35:30