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Leave Your Light On with Shelly Buck and Kathy Curtis

February 24, 2021 Alexis Newlin/ Shelly Buck/ Kathy Curtis Season 2 Episode 56
The Brave Podcast
Leave Your Light On with Shelly Buck and Kathy Curtis
Show Notes

In todays episode we get to hang out with Shelly Buck and Kathy Curtis, authors of Leave The Light On. Shelly and Kathy share the story of Ryder Buck, who lost his life in a car accident, shortly after defeating cancer three months prior. Shelly shares how writing helped her reconnect with Ryder and move through her grief of losing him. Kathy shares how she's used writing as well as other forms of creativity to help others deal with loss.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Cancer
  • Writing
  • Loss
  • Legacy

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Learn more about Shelly and Kathy and check out Ryders story!

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