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The CEO Process

Start the process of becoming the MFCEO of your life.

My name is Michael, and I currently own my own business, it is in it's 5th year of operation. I own a classic brick and mortar property maintenance company and not a fake business like most online kids my age do. One thing I hear Andy constantly complaining about is the fact that his viewers tell him "it's easy to talk about success when you already have it." Well I'm here to show you that even with no money, no outside help, and no previous success, that anyone who wants to be successful in life can be through the lessons of the MFCEO Project. I decided that I wanted to share my point of view and my journey on how I implement each of the lessons from Andy's podcast into my business and daily life. Through my episodes, I will go over the lessons I have learned in the early years of my business, as well as the things I learn each and every day. I will talk about things like the Law of Attraction, money management, financial education, leadership, marketing, sales etc.My Name is Michael Olivieri, and I'm in the process of becoming the MFCEO.

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