Scheer Madness
Finding Your Why & Functional Medicine Nutrition
Scheer Madness
Finding Your Why & Functional Medicine Nutrition
Dec 07, 2020 Season 1 Episode 17
Rachel Scheer

In this episode, I'm interviewed by my good friend and host of the Ambitious & Fit Podcast, Michelle Stallings! We talk about everything from how you should plan your daily meals, to morning routines, to balancing a busy schedule!

Episode Topics:
2:57 - Who was Rachel growing up?
10:44 - Why Rachel got into functional medicine vs health and nutrition
19:53 - Addressing emotional eating
26:35 - Rachel’s “diet”
30:02 - How much protein should you eat per day?
32:23 - Should you be snacking to hit your macros?
34:11 - What are the best fats (oils) for cooking?
36:26 - Rachel’s morning routine
40:52 - Rachel’s top 3 book/podcast recommendations
43:18 - How Rachel balances her busy schedule
46:04 - Rachel’s relationship status
50:11 - How is dating different for ambitious and successful women?
55:15 - Does Rachel want a family one day?
59:16 - What keeps Rachel motivated?
63:20 - What do the next five years hold for Rachel?
66:08 - 3 pieces of advice from Rachel

Be sure to find Michelle on Instagram @michelle_stallingsfit and listen to her podcast, Ambitious & Fit!

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