Scheer Madness
How to Fix Acne
Scheer Madness
How to Fix Acne
Dec 21, 2020 Season 1 Episode 19
Rachel Scheer

In this mini episode, we're talking about all things acne. What causes it, how you can tame it, and why some of the pharmaceuticals you've seen might actually be doing you more harm than good! The reality is, acne is a result of much more than just oily or "bad" skin—which is why taking a look at your overall health, including your diet, your gut health, and even your allergies can help you fix the acne you want to live without!

Topics in today's episode:
4:05 - Fighting inflammation from the inside out
8:30 - What testosterone does to our skin
12:38 - Why poor gut health can cause acne too
15:24 - Revealing hidden toxicities
18:39 - What can you do right now to improve your acne?

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