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EP 23 - Jason Bay - Growing Outbound Engagement Faster

March 04, 2020 Jake Lynn / Jason Bay Season 1 Episode 23
All Things Telesales
EP 23 - Jason Bay - Growing Outbound Engagement Faster
Show Notes

Jason Bay talks about overcoming imposter syndrome, building social proof, and gaining
recognition. Jason delves into his experience with imposter syndrome and how he was able to overcome it by stepping out to gaining social proof. By validating what he was feeling, taking action and pushing the barriers provided mistakes to become learning opportunities. Which landed him his first feature on a podcast with Jeffery and Jennifer Gitomer’s Podcast, someone whom he idolized throughout his career.

Jason also talks about Outbound 3.0, in short, the process of taking versus teaching, or how to give value versus taking. He talks about consulting, tips on how to price for your services, utilizing LinkedIn, cold calling, and fixing the common issues prospects are experiencing by teaching. With that said, join Jason Bay as he gives insight into Blissful Prospecting, the company he started back in 2017 helping B2B sales teams and nonprofits grow their outbound sales faster, with more consistency, and much more.

• Building social proof
• Gaining social recognition
• Imposter syndrome
• Blissful Prospects
• Taking versus Teaching
• Giving value instead of taking
• LinkedIn and Cold Calls
• Repurposing or Creating content
• How do I charge?
• Figuring out the ‘why’

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Jake Lynn is a leading authority on telesales. He is the host of the Top 50 Podcast, “All Things Telesales."

His thought leadership has been instrumental in helping guide some of today’s most elite insurance call centers. Funny and dynamic, Jake is passionate about helping phone-based sales professionals truly smile and dial.

Setting the standard for teletraining for the insurance industry, Jake teaches agents to serve not sell with PEG (Praise, Empathy, & Gratitude) and to always put Compassion Before Commission

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• Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffery Gitomer
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