Edge Computing 101 — with Tao Zhang

April 30, 2021 HIMSS Media Season 2 Episode 17
Edge Computing 101 — with Tao Zhang
Show Notes

While the last five years have seen computing move from local networks to the cloud, especially in healthcare, the trend of edge computing is seeing organizations move back to move forward: Moving key computing and intelligence back to the point of care while still retaining the benefits of cloud computing. This not only reduces latency, which can be especially important for healthcare, but also has important implications for privacy and security.

On today's episode, we welcome NIST Fellow Tao Zhang to give us a primer on edge computing, and explain what it can do for healthcare organizations.

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Talking points:

  • What is edge computing and why is it gaining traction now?
  • Striking the balance between the edge and the cloud
  • The history of edge computing
  • Why the healthcare space is turning to edge computing
  • Security implications of edge computing for IoT
  • Downsides to edge computing
  • More edge computing use cases 
  • Tips for adopting edge computing
  • What next for edge computing: edge and AI

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