Your Life in the Now

Your Life in the Now, Guardian Files #1

January 18, 2020 David Greenwood Episode 2
Your Life in the Now
Your Life in the Now, Guardian Files #1
Show Notes

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Here are the main points in this episode.   

  • This vast, amazing library of all your experiences, thoughts and feelings has a librarian who is in charge of the core beliefs created as you grew up. 
  • This librarian I call your Guardian, this part of you that is both your protector and sometimes punisher as it supports what it feels you deserve based upon your core beliefs.  It will control your ability to experience mindfulness. 
  • This is the Guardian Files, the book of your life and what the Guardian follows to keep you safe, secure and in line. Understanding this Guardian and the power it has will answer many of the questions of your life such as, "Why do I do that?", or, "How come I can't overcome my habits?", or, "What's holding me back?" and so much more. 
  • It's time to discover the truth about who you really are in comparison with who the Guardian thinks you need to be. We are often at odds with the beliefs of your inner Guardian. 
  • This inner conflict is a tremendous waste of energy as we struggle against "what is" and try to create "what should be".

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