Your Life in the Now

The Fruits of Success Grow from the Seeds of Failure

January 30, 2020 David Greenwood Season 1 Episode 3
Your Life in the Now
The Fruits of Success Grow from the Seeds of Failure
Show Notes

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Here are the main points in this episode.   

  •        Your Guardian Files represent everything you have heard, seen, felt and experienced throughout your life.

  •        Do you ever feel like a failure?   Wonder what happened to your life goals?  Did someone keep you from being successful, or did your just not get it together and make it happen?


  • ·       What do we mean when we say that we have succeeded or failed at something?  


  • ·       I suggest that what robs you of the life that you want to live is your subconscious negative programming.  My technical term for it is your inner crap.  


  • ·       The sum total of these experiences created your core beliefs and prime directives of your Guardian, the voice of your subconscious programming.


  • ·       Even the most successful people have both healthy and unhealthy subconscious programming, and while they find success in one area they still have self doubts and concerns in others.   


  • ·       You have within you the seeds of your destiny, of your authentic self, of your success.  And this healthy, real you will be best expressed in a particular way that is unique for you.  


  • ·       Why blame yourself for what your inner programming had you believe and made you do?  Why waste a moment worrying about a past that you neither wanted nor created?


  • ·       Success isn’t based upon stardom – but often success is based upon failure.


  • ·       It is amazing that the universe is set up in such a way that despite all your early negative programming, self-doubts and fears, you always have within you everything you need for success and fulfillment.  


  • ·       Your daily life naturally draws to you the lessons you need to intelligently and naturally address so that now you can focus upon and release old beliefs on the subconscious level where they reside.


  • ·       Please consider how important it is for the sake of your life, your loved ones, and your planet, to resolve the negative thinking that keeps you stuck and bound to old negative beliefs and behaviors.  


  • ·       As J. Krishnamurti often said, “The thinker is the thoughts.  The thoughts create the thinker.” That without these thoughts, there is no Guardian.


  • ·       For as another wise man, Eckhart Tolle, offered, “The next phase in human evolution is transcending thought.”


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