Your Life in the Now

Do You Lie Awake At Night Wondering...?

April 28, 2020 David Greenwood Episode 10
Your Life in the Now
Do You Lie Awake At Night Wondering...?
Show Notes

Do you ever lie awake at night wondering how your life turned out this way?  Or how it could have been different?  Or even deeper, what is the meaning of it all?

This podcast will help you get back on track and answer the major questions of your life.  Begin the process of reclaiming control of your life.

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Here are the main points in this episode:

  • It is essential to resolving the questions that keep you awake at night
  • You have within you the ability to change the direction of your life  
  • Together we can reduce the power of your negative, conditioned mind
  • Can we answer the 3 most important questions in life?
  • You will be amazed when you are able to address those 2 most important ones 
  • It's okay to not be totally transformed

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