Your Life in the Now

When the Universe Calls...

June 02, 2020 David Greenwood Episode 14
Your Life in the Now
When the Universe Calls...
Show Notes

Was there a time in your life when something magical occurred?  Did it seem like you were in the presence of something greater than yourself?  Was the experience meaningful for you?

In this podcast we explore what you did when the universe was calling.  Did you take action?  Perhaps it's time to revisit and awaken these experiences so that once again you can connect with something greater than our human creation.  Something deep, powerful and transcendent. 

Here are the main points in this episode: 

  • What experiences did you have with universal consciousness?
  • Did this connection change your life in some way?
  • Do you wonder why you haven't revisited this state of consciousness?
  • It is possible to experience practical spirituality in your daily life
  • Let your transformational experiences open up a new way of living

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