Your Life in the Now

What's It Like To Live Your Life In The Now

June 16, 2020 David Greenwood
Your Life in the Now
What's It Like To Live Your Life In The Now
Show Notes

In this podcast we explore what it means to live your life in the now, as well as the numerous fallacies and misconceptions about what you do and who you have to become.

Here are the main points in this episode: 

  • To be awake in the now allows you to live in the present moment.
  • You don’t have to avoid life and become a monk sitting on a mountain somewhere
  • It's important to learn from the past but not to waste your life filled with psychological thoughts 
  • Most of our days are spent mulling over an endless stream of thoughts and worries and fears  
  • When your brain quiets your thoughts naturally drop away and the movement of your ego comes to an end
  • Your consciousness connects with something far greater than you
  • The Presence has always been there, waiting for you to open up and accept it  
  • In these moments you touch a silence beyond your limited mind
  • The magnitude of this experience connecting with Presence is incalculable  

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