Your Life in the Now

How Do You Experience Living Your Life In The Now?

June 30, 2020 David Greenwood Episode 17
Your Life in the Now
How Do You Experience Living Your Life In The Now?
Show Notes

In this podcast we explore ways for you to live your life in the now.  What it means, the mistake everyone makes, and some thoughts on how you can experience it as well.  

Here are the main points in this episode: 

* Learn what it means to experience life in the now
* Why you can't possibly do it
* How it happens naturally
* Why its essential to be focused upon growth and transformation
* Discover how touching Presence helps you become a Modern Mystic
* Experience for yourself what its like to also live life in Now Consciousness

Learn how having an illuminated mind naturally invites Presence and helps you to become a Modern Mystic   

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