Your Life in the Now

What's Wrong With Being in a Tribe?

January 21, 2021 David Greenwood
Your Life in the Now
What's Wrong With Being in a Tribe?
Show Notes

I want to share the 3 things I like about being in a tribe, and the 3 things I don't like about being in a tribe.

Why do we have tribes?  What good are they?  How can they go wrong?

Explore the positive, and negative, aspects of tribalism and learn how to use it healthily and most effectively.  

Being a part of a tribe can be incredibly useful and rewarding, as well as the worst thing you could ever do.  

Find out what you can do to make the right choice!

I always offer free consultations for you to breakthrough the old conditioning and create a healthier subconscious mind that no longer sabotages your desire to change.  

You will find that I have several programs available for you to achieve your goals that integrate Life Coaching, Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditation, Emotional Growth Work and Practical Spirituality. Learn how to become a Modern Mystic.  

For my clients around the world, I offer sessions that are available by phone/Zoom as well as for those living in the Seattle area in my Bellevue, Washington, office. 

Check out this website to schedule your free consultation.

On my other website,, you can download for free the training, "3 Huge Mistakes That Your Probably Make" that diminish your self confidence and create stress, anxiety and failure in your daily life.  This will free you to focus upon deeper issues for transformation.




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