Your Life in the Now

The Trap of Positive Thinking - Why It Doesn't Always Work

May 07, 2021 David Greenwood
Your Life in the Now
The Trap of Positive Thinking - Why It Doesn't Always Work
Show Notes

Discover why Positive Thinking can become a Trap.

Learn when positive thinking is useful, and when it becomes a frustrating failure.  In truth, there is nothing wrong with wanting a positive, healthy outcome, but your subconscious mind might have other ideas.

I always offer free consultations for you to breakthrough the old conditioning and create a healthier subconscious mind that no longer sabotages your desire to change.  

You will find that I have several programs available for you to achieve your goals that integrate Life Coaching, Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditation, Emotional Growth Work and Practical Spirituality. Learn what it means to become a Modern Mystic.  

For my clients around the world, I offer sessions that are available by phone/Zoom as well as for those living in the Tucson area in my Catalina Foothills, Arizona office. 

Check out this website to schedule your free consultation.

On my other website,, you can download for free the training, "3 Huge Mistakes That Your Probably Make" that diminish your self confidence and create stress, anxiety and failure in your daily life.  This will free you to focus upon deeper issues for transformation.



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