Untold Italy travel podcast

Come away to Capri!

October 08, 2020 Katy Clarke and Holly Star Episode 42
Untold Italy travel podcast
Come away to Capri!
Show Notes

#042 Come away with us to Capri!

If there is one place in Italy that conjures up images of incredible landscapes, azure blue seas, and stylish vacationing, it's the legendary island of Capri. Since Roman times the island has been a magnet for the wealthy, bohemian and jetset crowd who are drawn there like bees to honey. But, Capri is a place everyone should visit at least once if they can.

Our guest, Holly Star, arrived on the island by chance as a tourist and now lives there with her Caprese husband creating amazing food experiences and sharing the history and culture of the paradise they call home. Listen in to hear Holly's romantic story and her local insight and tips on planning your very own trip to Capri.

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