How Not To Think

How Not to Think about...Accountability

March 17, 2022 Howard Rankin/Brian Moran/Michael Lennington Episode 90
How Not To Think
How Not to Think about...Accountability
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Show Notes

Brian P. Moran is a renowned leadership, execution, and productivity thought leader. As CEO and founder of The Execution Company, Brian is a highly respected and accomplished executive and entrepreneur. He has held leadership positions with PepsiCo, UPS, Senn-Delaney Management Consultants, and National Automotive Corporation. He is the co-author of the New York Times bestselling book The 12 Week Year, a program developed to empower individuals and companies to achieve more in 12 weeks than what others accomplish in 12 months.  He is regularly featured in leading business journals and periodicals and speaks extensively around the globe.

 Michael M. Lennington, is a leading expert in the application of execution systems for individuals, teams, and entire organizations. In recent years, his focus has been on training and coaching about leadership and business execution, and building simple tools for people seeking to accomplish more in life. What drives Michael’s work is helping others overcome the thinking and action barriers that keep them from accomplishing what they are capable of. His client list has included such household names as Allstate and MassMutual, as well as rapidly growing companies like Ponoko, and Compass, in addition to 501C corporations doing good work. He is a New York Times best-selling co-author of The 12 Week Year, The 12 Week Year Field Guide, and The 12 Week Year for Writers.

Their new book Uncommon Accountability is available at Amazon and other bookstores.

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