How Not To Think

How Not to Think about Hiring Talent

April 30, 2022 Howard Rankin/Paula Kokare $ Claire Houston Episode 91
How Not To Think
How Not to Think about Hiring Talent
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Show Notes

"The next best thing to cloning yourself."  That's how Claire Houston and Paula Kokare  of Houston & Ko describe their business of providing freelance talent to both small and large companies. As a new era of work dawns, Paula and Claire have created an outstanding business finding the right talent for different organizations. In this episode they talk about how their business works and the several advantages of using freelance talent across the workforce.

Both Paula and Claire worked in large corporations such as Coca-Cola, KPMG, PWC, Hilti and The Adecco Group where they saw and experienced the benefits and challenges to both employers and employees of the traditional hiring model. 

As remote specialists these two amazing ladies  will  help you to:

·       Clear your schedule (and your mind)

·       Focus your efforts on core business

·       Set your business up for scale

·       Attract more business opportunities

·       Go from reactive to proactive

You can find them at, email them at or call them on +41 79 283 35 41. 

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