How Not To Think

How Not to Think about dieting

July 31, 2022 Howard Rankin/Brenda Wolfe Episode 95
How Not To Think
How Not to Think about dieting
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Show Notes

 Brenda Wolfe is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in evidence-based treatment for eating disorders and obesity, as well as offering psychotherapy for anxiety and mood disorders. 

In addition to clinical work, she currently serves as volunteer faculty at the University of New Mexico Department of Psychiatry, publishes the helpful Get A Handle on Your Habits blog, and volunteers for a variety of community organizations. Over the years, she has served on numerous professional committees at a variety of organizations including the Academy of Eating Disorders, New Mexico Department of Health, Executive Council of the NM State Plan for Healthier Weight, and Association of Behavior and Cognitive Therapies. She also served as President, Newsletter Editor, and Public Education Coordinator for the New Mexico Psychological Association.

Having retired and closed her clinic in May 2018, she subsequently failed retirement and joined Sage Neuroscience Center in May of 2020. 

She is the author of A Diet is the Last Thing You Need: Weight Loss & Maintenance Answers, available on Amazon at

 Apart from being a failure at retirement, she is also a doting grandmother, avid reader, and ballroom dancer.

She can be found on her website at

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