How Not To Think

How Not to Think about...being Exponential Part 4

March 10, 2023 Howard Rankin/Gerard Scheenstra Episode 101
How Not To Think
How Not to Think about...being Exponential Part 4
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Show Notes

Gerard Scheenstra is a seasoned creative and innovative “social” impact entrepreneur, disruptive thinker and doer, business manager, mentor, coach, teacher and speaker. Since 1986 Gerard has created and gained professional “work” experience (both nationally and internationally at C-level) in various capacities in organizations and since 2000 as a multiple entrepreneur.

Gerard is an open-minded, empathetic, creative entrepreneur, innovator, incubator (social impact), disruptive thinker and doer, coach, trainer, loyal, altruistic, team player and builder.

Gerard believes  that each person should take the responsibility for the development of his or her own life and career. You should make it your personal mission to develop your own sustainable employability potential during your life and help others to achieve and/or develop it.

Slogan; Disrupt yourself or be disrupted

Gerard's  main mission is:

To unlock the superpower (s) of people and organizations to meet and exceed their personal and business goals and purpose!

And make the world a little bit a better place

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