How Not To Think

How Not to Think about...Elder care

November 03, 2021 Howard Rankin/Joy Loverde Season 3 Episode 21
How Not To Think
How Not to Think about...Elder care
How Not To Think +
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Show Notes

 Joy Loverde is a consultant, keynote speaker, and spokesperson for the mature-market industry. Her work has been featured on NBC’s Today Show, the CBS Early Show, NPR, and in USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. She lives in Chicago.

Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old?: Plan Now to Safeguard Your Health and Happiness in Old Age by Joy Loverde is a step-by-step guide to living the life you want for as long as possible.

 Loverde has spent a lifetime interacting with thousands of true experts—old people themselves. Using their advice as a blueprint, Loverde outlines five sections to think about and get in order when planning for old age: personal readiness, housing, relationships (including beloved pets), chronic illness and health, and end of life.

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