How Not To Think

How Not To Think about...Understanding Everything

December 27, 2021 Howard Rankin/Tom Beakbane Episode 80
How Not To Think
How Not To Think about...Understanding Everything
Show Notes

Tom Beakbane has spent his career as a marketer creating and promoting brands. However, he doesn’t believe in “markets” as they are generalizations that overlook the never-ending idiosyncrasies of individuals.

His perspective is that of both a scientist – he has an honors degree in biochemistry and neurophysiology from Durham University in England – and an artist because the company he has been leading for 35 years, Beakbane: Brand Strategies & Communications, uses every aspect of the visual arts to achieve their clients’ objectives.

He resurrected the concept of consilience after attempting to account for the gap between textbook accounts of human behavior and his experiences in business. His approach has been to dig into developments at the frontlines of scientific research rather than accept pop-science accounts of the human brain.

The book How to Understand Everything: A New Way to See the World,  touches on current thinking across a broad range of disciplines including genetics, psychology, sociology, politics, mathematics, AI, economics, archeology and history.

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