How Not To Think

How Not To Think about holistic healing

January 26, 2022 Howard Rankin/Carrie Leaf Episode 82
How Not To Think
How Not To Think about holistic healing
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Show Notes

Carrie uses an integrative holistic approach to healing. She helps her clients build a strong mental health foundation by attending to mind, body and spirit. She assesses all of these areas, teaches coping skills, guiding clients to their  hobbies, beliefs and passions, evaluates and enhances lifestyle choices, and uses psycho-education to provide the best tools and resources.

​Once her clients have a solid mind/body/spirit foundation, Carrie walks them through a step by step process of identifying, clearing out, and reprocessing the subconscious belief systems that are holding them back in life.

In this episode we talk about Carrie's process and the importance of looking at all the details, not just a select few.

​Get Carrie's Book, Therapize Yourself: Therapize Yourself: Choose to Heal and Find Your Truth by Carrie Leaf


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