Recovering God Podcast

Judges 19 with Helen Paynter

February 09, 2020 Recovering God Podcast Season 1 Episode 5
Recovering God Podcast
Judges 19 with Helen Paynter
Show Notes

In this episode, Helen Paynter talks about the passage from the book of Judges, chapter 19. It's a story about the awful treatment of a wife and Helen talks to Grace about why it is in the Bible and what we can learn from it, as well as answering our usual podcast questions.

Helen is a Baptist minister and the Director of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence at Bristol Baptist College. 
You can find out more about her on
Twitter: @CSBibleViolence
Facebook: CSBVBristolBaptistCollege

She's written some great books:

  • Her latest release Telling Terror in Judges 19: Rape and Reparation for the Levite’s wife (Rape Culture, Religion and the Bible) will give you more in-depth analysis on the story.
  • Book on biblical violence‘God of Violence Yesterday, God of Love Today?’ 

For more podcasts about these 'texts of terror' have look at The Bible Society's #SheToo podcasts, which Helen contributed to