Talk2MeDoc with Andrew Tisser
Charts, Charts, Charts, Keeping Your Work at Work with Dr. Sarah Smith
Talk2MeDoc with Andrew Tisser
Charts, Charts, Charts, Keeping Your Work at Work with Dr. Sarah Smith
Aug 25, 2021 Season 2 Episode 83
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Join your host Andrew Tisser with his guest Dr. Sarah Smith as they talk about how to create a life outside of your profession by keeping work at work. Throughout her career, Sarah has looked after many physicians who were still unable to get home with their clinical work done even after 25 years in the field. And so, she came up with a solution to help physicians get today’s work done today and make time for the things they love—the Charting Coach program. It is a lifetime access program for physicians to get processes in place at their clinic to accomplish paperwork efficiently. Today, Dr. Smith shares some of those tips on effectively managing clinical work and restoring professional satisfaction. There’s a lot to unpack, so stay tuned and enjoy the episode!


In this episode, you will learn:

l  The benefits of real-time documentation in informational continuity and saving time

l  How physicians are underearning because of charting hours after the encounter

l  Why thinking about your clinical day can help you become more efficient in the room 

l  How to get accurate details of an encounter, whether charting real-time or soon after the consultation

l  The value of putting protected time on consultations and other clinical tasks within the day

l  And much more!




About Dr. Sarah Smith:


Dr. Sarah Smith is the charting coach for physicians and a practicing rural family physician in Alberta. She also serves as the founder of the Charting Champions Program, helping hundreds of physicians in the specific area of getting home with their charting done.


Sarah has a passion for reducing burnout and overwhelm resulting from the administrative burden of clinical medicine. Using evidence-based coaching to help physicians find their most simple solutions within the clinical environments that they work in.


Dr. Smith has been married to her husband for 21 years, raising two sons while living on her small farm. Additionally, she enjoys other pursuits such as farming, exploring, reading, and coaching on evenings and weekends.



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