Porous Borders: Experimental Music in the Southern Hemisphere

#5: Will Guthrie

January 02, 2020 Andrew Hartwig Episode 5
Porous Borders: Experimental Music in the Southern Hemisphere
#5: Will Guthrie
Show Notes

Hello and welcome back to Porous Borders. This is episode 5, the first episode of 2020, and today on the show is an interview with Will Guthrie.

If you're not familiar with Will Guthrie's work, he's an Australian percussionist who started out in Melbourne and is based in Nantes in France and he has a lot going on. He's released a huge number of solo percussion and musique concrete recordings and many more collaborations with people like Richard Dawson, Oren Ambarchi, Keith Rowe, Ava Mendoza, and Mark Fell. In 2019 Will released a bunch of great records, a solo tape called Some Nasty on the Indonesian label Hasana Editions, as well as a collaboration with Sam Shalabi, Mark Fell, and Oren Ambarchi called "Oglon Day", and a duo record with Oren Ambarchi called 'Knotting'. In 2018 he also released a split tape with my friend and future podcast guest Gendes on the Noise Bombing label. You'll hear more about that label on next week's episode, which will be out on Tuesday the 7th.

Recently, Will has been travelling to Southeast Asia, which is where we met and recorded this interview. Just a quick technical note, you'll hear a bit of popping on Will's mic, which is 100% my bad microphone placement, and not Will's fault at all. I've tried to EQ out the worst of it, but you'll definitely notice it. I really enjoyed this conversation; Will is an incredible musician and a really nice person.

Tracks played: "Olgas", "Nist-Nah"

Will Guthrie solo performance @ IFI, Yogyakarta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuIsuob-bgI&t=1249s
Will Guthrie & TSAATAN split: https://noisebombing.bandcamp.com/album/nb12-will-guthrie-x-tsaatan
Some Nasty cassette: https://hasanaeditions.bandcamp.com/album/some-nasty
Oglon Day: https://33-33.bandcamp.com/album/oglon-day-2   
Knotting excerpt: https://soundcloud.com/will-guthrie/oren-ambarchi-will-guthrie-knotting-excerpt