The Goat Cave

The Goat Cave - EP 083: Neil Waddington, "Ride On"

March 03, 2021 HVXGOAT PRODUCTIONS Season 1 Episode 83
The Goat Cave
The Goat Cave - EP 083: Neil Waddington, "Ride On"
Show Notes

Today's guest has played a huge role in creating a community for the older riders, not only that, but he has been a part of some big brands in the BMX world, such as G-Sport. After years of contests and video parts, he would eventually take an ACL injury that would force him to step back from riding for a while, unfortunately that wouldn’t be the only hardship he faced. In his late 30s he would be diagnosed with cancer, and after winning the battle he knew he needed to get back on the bike. Since he started riding again, Neil Waddington has put out a new video part, hosted jams, and started the Ride On facebook group, a place for older riders to get stoked, with over 7000 members.


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