The Goat Cave

The Goat Cave - EP 097: Chris Dewar

October 21, 2021 HVXGOAT PRODUCTIONS Season 1 Episode 97
The Goat Cave
The Goat Cave - EP 097: Chris Dewar
Show Notes

Today's guest is a Southern Ontario local who has played a huge role in skatepark advocacy, he and His company “Transitions Bike Parks” have been building some of the best BMX style pump tracks in Canada. On top of that, Chris Dewar has been behind the scenes for years within Canadian BMX, hosting Jams, writing articles in Chase BMX magazine, and even becoming a great role model for the younger generation. I'm super pumped to be sitting down with one of the first people I met within BMX, all these years later. 

(0:00) Intro/Early Years
(13:27) Chris’s Bike Collection
(19:14) La Rev/Metro Jam/Toronto Jam stories/Meeting Dave Mirra
(29:43) Meeting pros is so easy within BMX compared to other sports
(32:22) Chris gives Cam some gifts 
(39:54)  How did Chris get his ideas published in Chase BMX Mag/building trails/having them plowed 
(50:53) Cox trails slam story/Chris’s backyard trails/Riding solo
(1:06:29) How Chris started MTBing/ how riding has been a calculated risk for Chris
(1:11:24) Chris tells us about taking a slam in his backyard trails
(1:13:37) Cam and Chris talk about “RedBull Rampage”/Taking money from outside the industry 
(1:21:41) BMX being in the Olympics/UK BMX scene
(1:31:22) Transitions Bike Parks 
(2:04:45) Chris shows us the magazine article about him/shows us photos of his old backyard trails.
(2:09:20) Your skill level on a bike does not determine the value you bring to BMX
(2:11:26) Chris tells us about being a BMX dad
(2:20:09) Chris talks about hosting jams/ flatland talk
(2:28:41) Chris’s BMX video collection 
(2:34:08) Chris tells us about his 6+ years as a By-Law officer 
(2:43:33) Cam talks about how his opinion on the police changed 
(2:54:30) Why I haven’t uploaded much in the last few months…
(2:56:20) Listener Questions
(3:15:15) Last question, closing statements, thank you’s 


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