The Goat Cave

The Goat Cave - EP 099: Ryan Chadwick

January 12, 2022 HVXGOAT PRODUCTIONS Season 1 Episode 99
The Goat Cave
The Goat Cave - EP 099: Ryan Chadwick
Show Notes

Today's guest is a well known filmmaker within the BMX industry who has played a huge role in creating some of the best videos within the community, such as Shadow Conspiracy's "What Could Go Wrong", and the "ONE" video from Subrosa and Shadow. On top of once being the full-time filmer and editor for Shadow and Subrosa, he also took on the role of Team manager for quite a while. Even all these years later he is still very active within the scene, He, alongside Trey Jones just released "No Fun" and it's one of the coolest video parts Ive ever seen. Im super excited to be sitting down and speaking with Ryan Chadwick!

0:00-Intro/early years/KC Badger
12:18- Having friends through BMX that you would never be friends with otherwise/early internet posting
17:14- Your BMX scene is only as good as you make it/swampfest
25:17- Trey Jones is one of the hardest working dudes in BMX/making money in BMX
33:34- Chadwick tells us about filming & editing “No Fun”, Trey Jones newest video part/The response to placing it behind a paywall
51:19- Cam compliments Chadwick’s editing style, and how perfectly the music lined up with the riding in “No Fun”.
54:47- The unique spots in “No Fun”/“did you guys have any close calls with the cops?”
1:08:20- Chadwick tells us about some of his favourite memories while filming “No Fun” 
1:20:27- Ryan talks about filming Shadow Conspiracy’s “What Could Go Wrong?”
1:35:44- Ryans time as the team manager of Shadow/BMX family.
1:46:37- The story behind two of Lahsaan Kobza’s gnarliest clips in”What Could Go Wrong” 
1:53:22- Filming Simone’s X GAMES Real BMX street part
1:59:15- Ryan is his own worst enemy when it comes to editing video parts 
2:05:21- Would Chadwick like to film more full lengths?/future plans/we need to take care of our older generation pro’s in BMX more.
2:14:15- Being an “All around” rider just makes BMX more enjoyable 
2:24:01- Winning a NORA Cup for the Shadow & Subrosa full length “ONE” 
2:34:33- Listener Questions 
3:01:32- Show wrap up/shout outs/thanks to


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