The Talent Bubble Podcast
Alex Bader, Senior Recruiter @ Hulu
The Talent Bubble Podcast
Alex Bader, Senior Recruiter @ Hulu
Jul 07, 2020 Season 1 Episode 8
Brian Mooney

This week in The Talent Bubble is Alex Bader, Sr. Recruiter @ Hulu. Alex shared advice on how to approach recruiters when looking for a job, gave insights on how her team at Hulu operates, and shared the tools they use to hire top talent. 

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Episode Summary 

2:15 Favorite Hulu Shows: PEN15 & Little Fires Everywhere

2:45 How she got into talent acquisition 

3:00 How she got her job at Hulu

5:00 How to reach out to recruiters when applying

6:05 Hulu referral program

7:00 Attracting top talent against other top companies

8:42 Training through learning management system & DEI training

10:10 Recruiter & Coordinator and talent function relationships

12:00 Huluverse (intranet)

13:48 How they celebrate the wins and connect as a team

16:40 Systems & Tools: LinkedIn Recruiter,, Jobvite, Textio

18:12 Employer branding: marketing, communications, talent acquisition relationships

18:55 Using Masters in Clinical Psychology degree in recruiting 

22:08 Advice for people transitioning in their careers

24:20 Advice for candidates trying to stand out during application process

26:10 Connect with Alex Bader

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