The Talent Bubble Podcast
Rory Lynch, Head of People & Talent @ Greenbits
The Talent Bubble Podcast
Rory Lynch, Head of People & Talent @ Greenbits
Jul 22, 2020 Season 1 Episode 9
Brian Mooney

This week in The Talent Bubble is Rory Lynch, Head of People & Talent at Greenbits. Rory has held Technical Recruiting positions at companies like VMWare & AWS Elemental. In this episode, Rory shares tons of tactical tips for dealing with today's challenges and the incredible of how he landed at Greenbits. This episode is sure to inspire anyone looking for a job right now.

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Episode Summary

02:02 First job ever

03:05 How he got into tech

04:25 How he got experience recruiting

05:54 The best part about contract recruiting

06:55 How to onboard the right contract recruiter

08:10 How he got his first job at Greenbits

10:35 How candidates should reach out to or follow up with recruiters & hiring managers

11:55 How he transitioned from Office Manager to Recruiter

12:55 Biggest challenges he is facing right now 

14:25 Lattice to manage goals and department vision

15:22 First project as Head of department: Layoffs & remote work

16:01 Culture building: happy hours, egames, Netflix Party

17:17 New benefits for consideration: internet stipend, home office stipend, manager budgets for team building. Check out virtual escape rooms

18:15 Greenbits Cribs

18:59 Brian & Rory talk about their dogs like they are their children

19:35 Key recruiting tools: Gem

20:12 Guiding principles for recruitment process

22:12 How recruiting has changed since COVID-19

24:25 Candidate experience: communication & frequent updates

26:07 Connect with Rory