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Why SEO Should Be A B2B Team Sport

February 25, 2021 James Rostance Season 1 Episode 69
THE 414 - B2B Marketing Podcast
Why SEO Should Be A B2B Team Sport
Show Notes

If you've ever been asked to put on an event at a drop of a hat, or to 'work a bit of marketing magic' on the creative equivalent of someone's last will and testament, then that's exactly how your SEO team feels when you ask them to get you ranking high on Google for anything and everything.

Now whilst it's true that your SEO team has powers similar to Harry Potter, the truth is that your company will get a ton more free traffic and leads IF those wizards receive a little help.

What I mean by that, is that SEO should not be seen as an add-on process or a finishing touch.

Rather, if B2B marketers truly embrace SEO as a discipline which everyone is onboard with, there are big wins to be had.

Those wins will be in the form of free traffic and leads which are there to be had if you adapt your strategy for how you produce content.

So this week on the show, we be looking into how you can make SEO more of a team sport as well as to bring you up to speed on the latest developments along with what's on the way.

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